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SMPS or PSU is one of the most important components of your PC. A SMPS is the responsible for providing power to all the components of your PC whether it is motherboard, graphics card, processor, hard disk etc. I have seen many people in India getting good hardware i.e. processor, motherboard, graphics card etc. but they do not invest in a good branded SMPS and opt for a cheap and unbranded SMPS which can reduce the performance of you computer and can also harm your components.

smps-pcHere in this post I will provide you the price list of best SMPS so that you do not have to go through trouble searching for them elsewhere, but first let us look at some of the best resources on SMPS in this blog. I have written many articles in this blog which can find below.

Important Resources on SMPS in this Blog

Here is the SMPS Price List for the top branded power supplies available in the Indian market. The prices shown below for the SMPS are indicative and they may change from day to day basis depending upon the market.

Corsair SMPS Price List

Corsair is a big American computer peripheral and hardware Company that makes high quality products. It manufacturers Power Supplies, PC Cabinets, high performance RAM, cooling solutions, SSD and much more. Here are the prices of Corsair SMPS models available in India.

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SMPS Model Power (Watt) Price
Corsair VS350 350W Rs. 2200/-
Corsair VS450 450W Rs. 2500/-
Corsair VS550 550W Rs. 3400/-
Corsair CX430 430W Rs. 3200/-
Corsair CX500 500W Rs. 4000/-
Corsair CX600 600W Rs. 4900/-
Corsair CX750 750W Rs. 6350/-
Corsair CX430M 430W Rs. 3200/-
Corsair CX500M 500W Rs. 5000/-
Corsair CX600M 600W Rs. 6000/-
Corsair CX750M 750W Rs. 7500/-
Corsair CS550M 550W Rs. 6500/-
Corsair CS650M 650W Rs. 7200/-
Corsair CS750M 750W Rs. 7600/-
Corsair RM650 650W Rs. 8200/-
Corsair RM750 750W Rs. 9200/-
Corsair RM850 850W Rs. 11000/-
Corsair RM1000 1000W Rs. 13200/-
Corsair RM 1000i 1000W Rs. 14500/-

Buy Corsair SMPS at Great Prices

Cooler Master SMPS Price List

Cooler Master is a very reputed company from Taiwan that makes high quality computer components and hardware. They make SMPS, Cooling Solutions, PC cabinets and other computer Peripherals. Here is the SMPS price list of Cooler Master PSUs available in India.

SMPS Model Power (Watt) Price
Cooler Master CM 350 350W Rs. 2100/-
Cooler Master Thunder 450W 450W Rs. 3000/-
Cooler Master Thunder 500W 500W Rs. 3500/-
Cooler Master Thunder 600W 600W Rs. 5500/-
Cooler Master B600 600W Rs. 4800/-
Cooler Master G650M 650W Rs. 7200/-

Buy Cooler Master SMPS at Great Prices

Antec SMPS Price List

Antec is an American company that makes computer hardware components which include PSUs, PC Cabinets, PC cooling products, notebook accessories, PC accessories etc. Antec is certainly one of the best SMPS brands in the world but it is relatively difficult to find its SMPS in India. Below are the prices of Antec SMPS available in India.

SMPS Model Power (Watt) Price
Antec BP350PS 350W Rs. 2200/-
Antec BP450PS 450W Rs. 2500/-
Antec VP450P 450W Rs. 3700/-
Antec VP500PC 500W Rs. 3300/-
Antec VP550P 550W Rs. 4000/-
Antec VP650P 650W Rs. 5100/-
Antec True Power 750W 750W Rs. 8500/-
Antec HCP1000 Platinum SMPS 1000W Rs. 20000/-

Buy Antec SMPS at Great Prices

VIP SMPS Price List

VIP is an India Brand of SMPS that has some decent quality SMPS which are better than the local branded and cheap SMPS available in Indian Market. They are also known as Artis SMPS and here is the price list of these PSUs.


SMPS Model Power (Watt) Price
VIP 400R Plus 310W Rs. 800/-
VIP 400W Gold 400W Rs. 1900/-
VIP 500W Gold 500W Rs. 2500/-
VIP 600W 600W Rs. 4000/-

Buy VIP SMPS at Great Prices

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