SMPS / PSU Power Connectors or Cables Explained in Detail

SMPS or PSU is the component that supplies power to your major computer components. In this blog I have many useful articles regarding SMPS and continuing with that here I will tell you about the different types of connectors or cables of an SMPS that supply power to various computer components and devices.


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Description & Details of SMPS Cables or Connectors

Here is the complete list and description of connectors or cables of a PSU that supply power to all your major hardware components of your PC.


SMPS or PSU Connectors

20 + 4 Pin ATX / Motherboard Connector

This is the main ATX connector that supplies power to your motherboard and other components like RAM, Low-end graphics card, PCI cards that are connected to your motherboard. Earlier motherboards have 20 pin sockets only but now modern-day motherboards require 24-pin power connectors. Therefore nowadays all the SMPS comes with 24 pin detachable connector (20 + 4) that can be split into 20 pin and 4 pin cables.

CPU 4 + 4 Pin Connector

This is the 12 Volt connector that supplies power to your CPU or Processor. Some motherboards have 4 pins 12V CPU socket and some have 8 pins 12V socket, therefore most of the good power supplies come with 8-pin (4 + 4) detachable connectors which can be split into two 4 pin connectors.

SATA Power Connector

This power connector is used to power up SATA devices that mostly include Hard Disks, DVD Writers / Drives.

Floppy 4 Pin Connector

This 4 pin power connector is used to power floppy drives. Floppy Drives are not being used commonly, but in some cases they can prove very useful.

Peripheral 4 Pin Molex Connector

Peripheral 4 Pin Molex Connector is used to provide power to IDE devices and other peripherals like Fans, case lights etc. You can also use this Molex 4 pin connector to power other devices like SATA devices, Graphics cards etc. by the use of converters or adapters e.g. Molex to SATA power connector etc.

PCI-e 6 Pin / PCI-e 8 Pin Connector

PCI-e 6 Pin or PCI-e 6+2 Pin are 12 Volt Connectors that are used to provide power to mid to high range graphics cards that require extra amount of power for their working. Budget and low-end graphics cards do not need them as they draw their power from the motherboard PCI-Express x16 slot only. Older mid to high-end graphics card comes with PCI-e 6 Pin slot while the newer high-end graphics comes with PCI-e 8 Pin slot. The new PCI Express 8 Pin cable can provide a maximum of 150 Watts power which is double that of the PCI Express 6 Pin cable i.e. 75 Watts.

Note: The number and availability of these connectors vary and depend upon the model and brand of the SMPS. Budget SMPS have less number of these connectors but high-end Power supplies have a higher number.

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