Some SMPS or Power Supply Brands to Avoid at Any Cost

Earlier I have written many articles in this blog on finding a good SMPS / Power Supply for your PC, and also listing some good brands of them. But here I will tell you about the brands of SMPS / Power Supplies that you should avoid completely, as SMPS is one of the most important component of your computer. It the one thing that runs your PC by providing power to your components i.e motherboard, cpu, ram etc.


Cheap and Local SMPS Brands

Why to Avoid Cheap or Local Branded SMPS?

Some very good reasons to avoid local and cheap quality power supplies.

Low Current on 12V Rail

The first and foremost reason to avoid cheap and local branded SMPS. It is because they have very small current on 12V rail, which is the most important rail of a SMPS. Usually they have less than 25A on 12V rail which is too low for a modern day PC. The current on the 12V rail of a good SMPS should be 25A or more. For a gaming PC with mid-range graphics card your 12V rail current should be 30A or more.

Inferior Quality of Components

The quality of components in these power supplies is very poor. These components include transformer, capacitors, resistors, rectifiers, filters, heatsinks, fan, wires etc. Lower quality components will ultimately lead to higher chance of getting damaged.

Unstable under Load

These cheap local power supplies are very unstable under load and if you are playing any demanding games or running some heavy application for few hours then it can lead to following cases:

a)      Your SMPS can get burnt or damaged

b)      Frequent Restarting of your Computer

c)       One or more components can get damaged

Low Efficiency and Protection

These SMPS have very low efficiency of 50% – 60% regardless of what is printed on its label.

Damage to your Components

Low quality components and unstability of these SMPS’s poses high risk to your components (motherboard, graphics card, ram etc.) getting damaged or faulty.

SMPS Brands or Companies to Avoid Completely

Intex , Enter, Zebronics, Circle, UMAX, Odyssey, Frontech, Advik, Adcom, Quantum, Tech-com, Supercomp, GSM Inspire, Foxin, Mora, Quantum.

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