Symptoms or Signs to Change your Computer SMPS / PSU

A SMPS or Power Supply is one of the most important parts of your computer. In various earlier articles in this blog only I have told you about its importance and how to find a good power supply for your PC. Also I have stated many times the importance of amount of Current on 12V Rail of a SMPS/PSU. If you have missed any of these articles then you can find and visit them using the links given below.


SMPS / PSU / Power Supply

Useful Posts Regarding SMPS in this Blog

Symptoms or Signs to change your SMPS

Here are some signs that can tell you that it is the time to change or replace your SMPS / PSU to a new one.

Noisy Fan

Your SMPS or Power Supply has started making constant unbearable noise. This means your SMPS Fan bearings are worn out and it can stop or fail anytime. The performance of a noisy fan is also reduced and it will not spin at its original speed or RPM, which can lead to rise in the temperature of the components of your SMPS. This can cause overheating of your SMPS and it also possesses a serious risk to your computer components that are connected to the SMPS. So it is better to replace a SMPS whose fan is not working properly or to its full capacity.

Restarting Problem with PC

Your PC may be restarting when you play high end games or run heavy resource intensive applications. Your computer may restart because of several other reasons too but when everything else is right then the only culprit left for this problem is SMPS only.

Hanging Problem with PC

Your PC or computer may be hanging without any reasons. This can be due to other things also but this problem can arise because of old or faulty power supply.

Note: Most of these problems arise because either your SMPS has gone too old or it has become faulty. The efficiency of a Power Supply degrades over time because the capacitors looses their ability to hold the charge to its maximum capacity and performance of other components also decreases. Also a SMPS can become faulty because of improper voltage from the mains power or due to continuous voltage fluctuations.

Tips to Keep your SMPS in Good Condition

Here are some useful tips that you can follow to keep your power supply in good condition or to extend its life.

Clean the Fan

Clean the SMPS Fan and the vents with a soft brush once in a month. After that use a vacuum cleaner to pull away the dust and dirt. Do not ever try to open the SMPS for cleaning. Just clean it from the outside using brush and then vacuum clean it.

Do not Overload it

Do not overload your SMPS by adding power hungry components that are beyond its capacity. For example, by using a High-end graphics card with a SMPS that is rated only 400 Watt. If you are going to add more additional components or high powered components to your PC then you have to buy a high capacity SMPS that can handle them easily.

Use a UPS

Always use a UPS with your computer to protect your SMPS from frequent voltage fluctuations. Voltage fluctuations and improper voltage can damage your SMPS and your PC components.

Keep Good Airflow

Always use a spacious cabinet to allow proper airflow and breathing for your computer power supply and also for other computer components. The other main thing to follow is that do not keep the cabinet in a congested place where there are obstructions from all sides of the cabinet. There should a good distance especially from the back side of cabinet from the wall.

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