Corsair SMPS / PSU Range from Budget to High End

Corsair is a well reputed American computer peripherals company that makes variety of computer products that includes Power Supplies / SMPS, PC cabinets, Memory (RAM), CPU / GPU cooler, Solid State Drivers (SSDs), Speakers, Gaming peripherals, Pen drives etc. Their products are of very high quality and they also deliver very good performance. Here I will talk about its one of the most popular product which is Power Supply / SMPS and list down its whole range of PSUs.


Corsair SMPS / PSU Range

Here is the complete range of Corsair PSUs which I will be listing from bottom to top on the basis of performance, capacity and price.

Corsair Budget Range PSUs

The budget range power supplies from Corsair is the VS Series. We can also say that this is the Value Series PSUs from Corsair. They are entry level PSUs from Corsair but with high end features and good performance. Corsair VS series PSUs starts from 350 Watt and ends with 650 Watt.


These power supplies are mainly for budget users who have a PC with good configuration with an entry level or budget-mid range graphics card installed. These PSUs offers excellent value for money and are very popular. I also recommend the Corsair VS series SMPS to many of my blog visitors as they have good performance and they are affordable too.

VS Series – Corsair VS350, Corsair VS450, Corsair VS550, Corsair VS650

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Corsair Mid Range PSUs

The mid-range series from Corsair consist of CX-M, CX Series and CS series. These are meant for people who want more performance, features and extra reliability than VS series PSUs. These power supplies are expensive than the VS series PSUs but they offer extra performance and features.


CX-M and CS series PSUs are Semi-modular which means there is less hurdles of cables and you can add cables to the SMPS according to your needs or requirements. These power supplies are recommended for users or gamers with good PC configuration and having a mid-range or high-end graphics card installed.

CX Series – Corsair CX430, Corsair CX500, Corsair CX600, Corsair CX750

CX-M Series – Corsair CX430M, Corsair CX500M, Corsair CX600M, Corsair CX750M, Corsair CX850M

CS Series – Corsair CS430, Corsair CS500, Corsair CS600, Corsair CS750, Corsair CS850

Buy Corsair CX Series SMPS

Buy Corsair CS Series SMPS

Corsair High-end Range PSUs

It is the top of the range power supplies from Corsair that offers maximum performance and reliability. These power supplies are meant for users with high end PCs with top of the range graphics card (ot two high end graphics cards in SLI configuration) installed in it. Also these SMPS can also be used in high-end servers where reliability, performance and uptime is the top priority. These are fully modular power supplies and are super silent in operation. In the high-end series also the best SMPS that you can get is the Corsair AX1500i.


RM Series – Corsair RM450, Corsair RM650, Corsair RM750, Corsair RM850, Corsair RM1000

RMx Series – Corsair RM550x, Corsair RM650x, Corsair RM750x, Corsair RM850x, Corsair RM1000x

RMi Series – Corsair RM650i, Corsair RM750i, Corsair RM850i, Corsair RM1000i

HXi Series – Corsair HX750i, Corsair HX850i, Corsair HX1000i, Corsair HX1200i

AXi Series – Corsair AX760i, Corsair AX860i, Corsair AX1200i, Corsair AX1500i

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80 Plus Certification for Corsair PSUs

Here is the 80 Plus Certification rating for all the Corsair range of power supplies.

Click here to learn about 80 Plus Certification

Corsair SMPS Series 80 Plus Certification
Corsair AX1500i Titanium
Corsair AXi Series Platinum
Corsair HXi Series Platinum
Corsair RMi Series Gold
Corsair RMx Series Gold
Corsair RM Series Gold
Corsair CS Series Gold
Corsair CX-M Series Bronze
Corsair CX Series Bronze
Corsair VS Series White

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