How Good are Frontech SMPS or Power Supplies?

Frontech is an Indian brand under the company Jupiter International Limited (JIL) and it sells and manufactures wide range of computer components like cabinets, smps, mouse, keyboards, speakers, headphones, add-on cards, networking equipments, optical media (dvd, cd) etc. Their SMPS are very cheap and quite popular in India so here I will tell you about their SMPS quality and performance, which I can say is below average. To find out more about them you can check the Frontech official website.

A look at Frontech 400W and 450W SMPS

Here is the picture you will see that 12V current rating for frontech 400W and 450W smps is 17A and 19A respectively. This is not enough in any way. Nowadays for a decent power supply the 12Volt current rating should be 25A or above. And if you have graphics card then the 12V current should be above 34A or more.


Frontech SMPS

The build quality of frontech smps is decent and not that bad but their components quality is not good. I have personally used 400W Frontech and while playing a popular resource hungry game the smps burned out. I was lucky that my graphics card, motherboard and other components were not harmed. Also I have heard many stories from their users about frontech smps getting frying up and damaging their motherboards and other components.

So I strictly advice not to use any frontech smps and go for good brands like VIP which is the best local smps brand in India, Cooler Master, Corsair, Antec etc.. They may cost a little more but they are worth the price you are paying for.

Click here to know on how to choose a good smps

12V Current Rating of some Frontech SMPS

250W –> 13A

300W –> 15A

400W –> 17A

450W –> 19A

Frontec SMPS Price

Here are the prices of some of the commonly available Frontech PSU’s.

Frontech 400W – Rs. 500/-

Frontect 450W – Rs. 600/-

Frontech 500W – Rs. 650/-

Frontech 600W – Rs. 750/-

The above mentioned prices may vary from city to city and depending upon the store. These are only approximate prices that are very close to actual ones in the market.

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