Odyssey SMPS 450W – Review and Specifications

Odyssey 450W SMPS is a basic cheap Power Supply. There is nothing special about this Power Supply Unit but it is quite popular in India, where most of the people do not wishes to invest in a good smps. But I would like to say that you must keep away from this smps if you want to keep your computer safe. The reasons for this are mentioned below in this post.


Odyssey 450W SMPS

Odyssey 450W SMPS Specifications and Review

450 Watt rated power

Input Voltage 220VAC

80 mm Fan for cooling

Comes with 24 pin power connector

2 SATA power connectors

Low noise and ripple

100% Hi-pot and ATE tested

Over Voltage and Current Protection

Short Circuit Protection

68% Efficiency (not good)

12V Rail Current: 10 Ampere only (This is insane)


10A on 12V Rail for 450W

As you can see in the picture above, this 450 Watt Odyssey SMPS has got only 10A current on 12 Volt rail which is very bad and below average. It should be above 25A if you want to run your PC safely. In fact the other Local cheap power supplies like Zebronics and other Intex SMPS have got more current on 12V rail as compared to this Odyssey 450W power supply. This amount of current (10A) is not enough to run a modern computer so I wonder how it can run the PC with Graphics Card installed. You will be risking your computer components (cpu, motherboard, ram, graphics card, hdd etc.) if you use this smps in your computer.

The build quality of this smps is also very poor and the component quality and finishing is not up to the mark too. So I again say that you must keep away from this smps as far as possible because it will only give you trouble and nothing else.

Odyssey SMPS Price (450 Watt)

It is priced at around Rs. 800/- (or may be cheaper) and comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Here are some good quality budget power supplies for your pc

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