Is UMAX 450 Watt SMPS enough for your PC?

UMAX 450 Watt Livewire is a cheap basic Power Supply from UMAX. UMAX is a computer component manufacturing company from Taiwan. Their main products are Scanners which are very good, but I cannot say this to their power supplies i.e smps.


UMAX 450 Watt Livewire SMPS


Specification of UMAX 450 Watt PSU

It has got 25A on 12V rail which is decent enough for a normal PC and better than the 12V ratings of Zebronics 400W and Zebronics 500W Platinum series SMPS. Zebronics 400 Watt and Zebronics 500 Watt (Platinum Series) SMPS’s have got only 17A and 22A respectively on 12V rail, and they are expensive too than UMAX 450W SMPS. UMAX 450W 12V rating is also better than the iBall LPE223-400 400 Watt SMPS which has only 17A on 12V rail.


25A on 12V rail

UMAX 450W PSU is equipped with 80mm fan which is pretty standard for a low cost power supply. The build quality of the SMPS is ok but not outstanding.

Can UMAX 450 Watt SMPS be used for Gaming PC?

I would not recommend UMAX 450W Livewire for Gaming and for any Graphics Card. If you want a SMPS for Gaming then go for good brands like corsair, cooler master, antec, vip, tagan, deepcool etc.

Click here to Know Some Good SMPS brands

Price of UMAX 450W Livewire nPower SMPS

UMAX 450W Livewire SMPS is priced at Rs. 560/- (approx.) that is quite a nice deal if you have basic normal PC without any Graphics Card.

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