Corsair VS450 vs Cooler Master Thunder 450W vs Antec VP450P SMPS Comparison

Here I am going to compare three very good budget range PSUs from well known and reputable brands which are Corsair, Cooler Master and Antec. The Power Supplies that I am going to compare here are:

Corsair VS450

Cooler Master Thunder 450W

Antec VP450P

Corsair VS450 is a very popular and affordable budget range SMPS. I have written a detailed review of Corsair VS450 PSU which you can find below.

Cooler Master Thunder 450W is also a very good budget power supply from Cooler Master. It is also quite popular and is a close rival of Corsair VS450.

Antec is a company that is known for making high quality power supplies and computer cabinets / PC case. Antec VP450P is one of the best budget power supplies which is a little difficult to find in India, because it is not as much popular as compared to its rivals.


All these above mentioned PSUs are budget range power supplies and all are rated at 450 Watt power output. These are high quality power supplies and are meant for users who are on budget but want good performance at lower price.

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Comparison of Budget 450 Watt PSUs from Corsair, Cooler Master & Antec

Here is a comparison of Corsair VS450, Cooler Master Thunder 450W and Antec VP450P Power Supplies.

Specifications / Features Corsair VS450 Cooler Master Thunder 450W Antec VP450P
Wattage (W) / Total Power 450W 450W 450W
Current on 12V Rail (Total in Ampere) 34A 21A + 18A = 39A 18A + 18A = 36A
Dual 12V Rails No Yes Yes
Fan Size 120mm 120mm 120mm
Active PFC Yes, 0.99 Yes, 0.99 Yes, 0.99
80 Plus Certification White
Modular No No No
Price (approx.) Rs. 2500/- Rs. 3400/- Rs. 3300/-

Full Forms of some Technical Terms in SMPS

OCP – Over Current Protection

OVP – Over Voltage Protection

UVP – Under Voltage Protection

SCP – Short Circuit Protection

OTP – Over Temperature Protection

OPP – Over Power Protection

Active PFC – Active Power Factor Correction

Final Words & Conclusion

Well as we can see from the above table that all these budget PSUs are alike in various aspects. In the above comparison the SMPS with the highest current on 12V Rail is Cooler Master Thunder 450W which is having total of 39A under its 12V Rail. It also has dual 12V Rails having current of 21A and 18A respectively. The most economical of the three PSUs is Corsair VS450 which is also very popular among buyers. Antec falls between Corsair and Cooler Master on the basis of current on its 12V Rail, but from my side it is the best SMPS among the three. Antec is very good brand and is known for its high quality power supplies in the world and has the best reputation in the power supply department. At last I would like to say that all three PSUs are good and you can choose any one of them according to your need and budget, but if you want the best one then go for Antec VP450P.

You can buy these budget power supplies at great discount from the links given below.

Buy Corsair VS450 SMPS

Buy Cooler Master Thunder 450W PSU

Buy Antec VP450P SMPS

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