Advantages of Branded SMPS & its Comparison to a Local one

As I have always said before, a SMPS or PSU is one of the most important components of a desktop PC. If you read this blog regularly then you must have known that previously I have written many articles on the importance of having a good SMPS, how to find a good branded SMPS, why to avoid cheap local SMPS and the recommended good brands of SMPS. If you have missed these useful articles then you can go through them by visiting the below mentioned links. But here in this article I will tell you about the importance of getting a good branded SMPS in detail.

Branded SMS / PSU Advantages

Here are the main advantages of getting a branded power supply for your PC.

Superior Performance

A branded power supply is made up of quality parts & components, therefore it gives you top performance every time and even at full load. On the other hand cheap and local power supplies can fail if you increase the load to some extent.

Lower Power Consumption

A branded power supply consumes less power compared to local power supply of the same wattage. Branded PSU’s have Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) of 0.99 which helps in proper and efficient utilization of the current supplied to the SMPS.

Learn more about Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Safety of PC Components

Your other PC components i.e. motherboard, processor, graphics card, memory, hard disks etc. will be safe when you use a branded SMPS. This is because a good branded SMPS has over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection safety features that protects your other components and shuts down the SMPS if anything goes wrong.

Higher Efficiency

A branded power supply has much higher efficiency as compared to local power supply of same capacity. Efficiency of branded power supplies is in the range of 80% to 95%. Also most of the branded PSU’s are 80 Plus Certified which is an estimation of the efficiency of a SMPS.

Learn more about SMPS 80 Plus Certification

Higher Current on 12V Rail

A branded power supply will have enough current on the 12V Rail based on its capacity. On the other hand local and cheap PSUs have very weak 12V Rail with very little current on it. 12V Rail is the most important rail of a SMPS , which provides current to the major components of PC that includes processor, motherboard, graphics card, hard disks, fans etc.

Load Handling Capacity

A branded SMPS can handle load based on its capacity rated by the company whereas a local branded SMPS can fail or gets burnt when there is increased in load especially when playing games.

Longer Life

A branded SMPS last longer than a cheap local SMPS. It is because of the high quality components and the amount of testing done on it by the company.

Comparison of Branded vs. Local branded made SMPS (of same Wattage)


Here is a comparison of branded and local branded power supply of same capacity or Wattage (W)


Branded SMPS

Local Branded / Cheap SMPS

Build Quality Good Poor
Current on 12V Rail High Low
Performance High Low
Efficiency 80% to 95% 70% or lesser
Noise Level Not noisy as they comes with good 120 mm fan Sometimes very noisy because of inferior quality fan
Safety Features Present In some SMPS may be present
Load Can handle high load Breaks down on high load
Life Longer life Short life

Final Words

So if you really care about your PC, its various components and their performance then you should always get a good branded SMPS only.

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