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PDF and DOC are the two most popular documents formats that are used widely by the people for their work. PDF is Portable Document Format from Adobe and DOC is the document format for Word from Microsoft. PDF is a safer and secure file format as it is very difficult to edit PDF files but there are tools available known as PDF editors which can be used to edit PDF files. PDF is basically platform independent and can be used on variety of operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS etc. You need a PDF reader to read PDF files on any operating system. Some popular PDF Readers are Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, Sumatra PDF Reader.

On the other hand it is very easy to edit and create word file. The only thing you need to create a word file is the Microsoft Word software that is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Word’s doc format needs office software to open, edit and read the doc file. Some Open Source softwares like Apache OpenOffice can also be used to read and edit .doc word file.

There can be situations where you want to convert PDF file to word .doc format. It is not easy to convert PDF to Word file as you need some special tools for that. These tools are known as PDF to Word or PDF to doc converters. They can convert PDF to Word so that you can edit or do whatever you want to do with it. There are plenty of pdf to word converters available on the Internet but most of them are paid and software based. This means you have to install them to your computer and then purchase a paid license for it.


Even the good online pdf to word converters are paid or they have restrictions on usage where you can convert only two or three pages in the free version. Most of the free pdf to word converters that are available online are very bad and some of them do not even perform well. But there are quite a few very good PDF to Word converters available that can be very useful in converting pdf to doc format. So here in this post I will share good free PDF to Word converters both online as well as software based, and show you on how to convert pdf to word format.

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Top Online Free PDF to Word Converters

Online PDF converters are web based and they do not install any software on your computer. They only require a browser and internet connection for their working. The main advantage of Online PDF converter is that it can save your computer resources. Here are the best free online PDF to Word converters that can be used to convert pdf to doc file format. It must be noted that the below mentioned tools can also function as word to pdf converter.


Smallpdf is one of best online PDF converters available on the Internet. It is an online PDF converter that is web based and it does not install any single piece of software on your computer. Smallpdf is free to an extent as it has limit of 2 files per hour. This means you can convert 2 files to any format per hour. If you want unlimited access or conversion then you have to move to Smallpdf pro by paying a small fee.


It can convert PDF to lot more formats besides converting pdf to doc. Below are the various things that you can do with Smallpdf.

What you can do on

  • Compress PDF
  • Convert PDF to Word
  • Convert Word to PDF
  • Convert PDF to PPT
  • Convert PPT to PDF
  • Convert PDF to JPG
  • Convert JPG to PDF
  • Convert PDF to Excel
  • Convert Excel to PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Rotate PDF
  • Unlock PDF
  • Protect PDF

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How to Convert PDF to Word using Smallpdf

Follow the steps mentioned below to convert pdf to word using

1. Go to

2. Click on PDF to Word.

3. Upload your PDF file there from your Computer, Dropbox or from Google Drive.

4. Your PDF file will be converted to Word format having extension .docx. Download this Word file to your computer.

5. The converted word file will be of best quality retaining all the images and the format of the PDF document. Also the conversion from PDF to Word is fast compared to other PDF converters out there.

You can also convert Word to PDF and other file conversion using Smallpdf.

The paid version of Smallpdf is called Smallpdf Pro and it cost $6 per month if paid monthly and $4 per month if paid annually. The various features of Smallpdf Pro are mentioned below.

Smallpdf Pro Features:

  • Unlimited Usage – Convert unlimited PDF or other files
  • 128-bit SSL Encryption
  • No Annoying Ads – Ads Free
  • Multiple File Processing – Batch Conversion to save time & energy
  • Connected functions where you can Convert, Split, Merge and Compress your files without re-uploading
  • Priority support is safe to use in terms of privacy of your uploaded data. Your uploaded and converted files get deleted in an hour and they are not stored permanently on their servers.


FoxyUtils is another great web based online PDF converter. Where Smallpdf has usage limit, FoxyUtils has no limits on usage and is completely free to use. FoxyUtils is the swiss army knife for PDF. Using FoxyUtils you can do a lot more things rather than just converting PDF to Word. FoxyUtils can be used to convert pdf to word, word to pdf, pdf to excel, excel to pdf, pd to jpg, jpg to pdf, pdf to ePUB, ePUB to pdf, merge pdf, split pdf, unlock pdf and protect pdf. Its user interface is kind of similar to smallpdf.


To convert PDF to Word file click on the PDF to Word and then upload the PDF file from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. The maximum file upload size for PDF to Word conversion is 50MB. After uploading the PDF file click on PDF to Word button and then your pdf file will be converted to doc format. After that you can download the converted word file to your computer.

FoxyUtils also runs an environment green project along with it where for each 5000 operations / conversion they plant a tree. This is a very good initiative by FoxyUtils.

FoxyUtils respects user’s privacy and all the uploaded files are deleted automatically within one hour of inactivity. FoxyUtils is completely safe and secure to use. So if you want to perform number of PDF conversions then FoxyUtils is the perfect PDF converter for you as it is fast, reliable, performs well and has no limits of usage. Highly Recommended.


PDF2DOC is a free pdf to word convert that can convert pdf files in batch. You can convert up to 20 pdf files to word at once to convert pdf to word online. This pdf converter can convert pdf files to .doc format. There are no usage restrictions and you can convert as many pdf files to word. It saves the converted word files in an zip format which you can extract with softwares like winzip or winrar.


It does have some other tools also which can be used to perform other pdf conversions that include pdf to docx, pdf to text, pdf to jpg, pdf to png, xps to pdf, pdf compressor, combine pdf, jpg to pdf and any to pdf. This tools is safe to use and all uploaded files are deleted after 1 hour.

PDF DOC Converter

This PDF converter tool is from the makers of the above mentioned pdf2doc converter. It is copy of the above tool and the maximum upload file size for pdf is 50MB. This also has the batch PDF conversion where you can convert 20 PDF files to Word at once. You can also convert pdf to docx, doc to pdf and docx to pdf using this free online pdf converter.

Convert PDF to Word

It is a free PDF to Word converter online tool that is pretty fast, easy to use and has no limitations. It also offers a PDf to Word converter software for Windows OS but it is paid. This online PDF to Word converter can convert your PDF file to Word (.doc), RTF (.rtf) and Text (.txt) format. It also offers some other tools where you can convert pdf to html, text to pdf, pdf to image and image to pdf.


This pdf to word converter tools protects your privacy and all the uploaded files gets deleted after the end of the conversion process.

Go4Convert PDF to Word

An Online PDF to Word converter that is free to use and has no limitations. Just upload your PDF file from your computer or web to get it converted to either doc or docx format. The converter is fast and produces good results. It also offers some other tools that can be used to convert PDF to RTF, PDF to TXT, PDF to ePUB and PDF to FB2, Split PDF, Merge PDF and more.


PDFaid PDF to Word Converter

It is also an Online Free PDF to Word converter that does its job quite good. It supports maximum file of 20MB for upload. It also offers other PDF converter tools that include pdf to image, image to pdf, pdf to rtf, repair pdf, compress pdf, watermark pdf and many more.


You should register to this pdf converter to get rid of the small watermark that it produces in the free version. Registration is free and then you can use it without any issues.

Best Free PDF to Word Software

If you want a free software to convert pdf to word then you use the below mentioned free pdf to word converter softwares.


UniPDF is Free PDF converter software for Windows operating system. It can convert PDF to Word and many other formats. UniPDF also supports batch conversion where you can upload number of files and convert them all at once. UniPDF is safe to use and it is a clean software. This means it does not contain any malware, adware or malicious code that can harm your computer or steal your information. UniPDF supports many formats that include Word documents (*.doc), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), images files(*.jpg/ *.png/ *.bmp/ *.tif/ *.gif/ *.pcx/ *.tga), HTML (*.html), and plain text files (*.txt).


The conversion quality of UniPDF PDF converter is also pretty good and nothing to complain about. So if you want a good free PDF converter software then you can never go wrong with UniPDF. UniPDF supports Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Operating Systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). UniPDF supports many languages that include English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic,Turkish etc.

UniPDF Features

  • Convert PDF to Word (*.rtf/*.doc)
  • Convert PDF to Image (*.jpg/ *.png/ *.bmp/ *.tif/ *.gif/ *.pcx/ *.tga)
  • Convert PDF to Text (*.txt)
  • Convert PDF to HTML (*.html)
  • Support PDF Batch conversion
  • Support converting selected page range (for Word and Image)
  • Support settings for image resolution and color bits (for Image)
  • Support Many Languages
  • Support Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Download UniPDF Free PDF Converter:

HelloPDF Free PDF to Word Converter

This is another free PDF to Word converter software is free to download and use. It can convert PDF to Word and retains the original layout and images of the source PDF file. It has very tiny footprint and supports Windows Operating System (All versions).

Final Words

All the above mentioned PDF to Word converters are handpicked by me and I have also tried & tested them personally. They do their job very well as a PDF converter whether to convert PDF to Word, Word to PDF or perform any other PDF conversion. Also they are safe to use and you can use them without any doubt for your PDF conversion needs. If you have any questions regarding these free PDF to Word converters or want to suggest another good free PDF converter then you can do so by leaving a comment below.

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