Best Free PDF Compressor Online Tools to Compress PDF Files

PDF or Portable Document Format is the most popular document format for storing and sharing data over the internet. It can be regarded as platform independent because it supports and can be opened on almost any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Along with text PDF file may contain images and links. This can increase the size of the PDF file to a greater extent which makes them difficult to send over emails and also it takes more time to open and edit them. Scanned PDF files contains only images which makes them relatively bigger in size than a text PDF file. Generally smaller PDF files have size in KBs but when their size gets in MBs then it is a matter of concern.

To reduce PDF file size you can use PDF compressor tools that can compress PDF to a smaller size and makes them easiy to work with. To make PDF compression much faster and easier you can use the Free PDF Compressor Online Tools that can compress PDF files on the fly without having you to install a single piece of software on your computer. To use these online PDF compressor tools you just need an internet browser and internet connectivity. Here in this post I will provide you the best free PDF compressor online tools to compress PDF files to considerable extent.

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Free PDF Compressor Online Tools to Compress PDF files

Here are the best online PDF compressor tools that you can use for free to compress PDF files to smaller size.


FoxyUtils is an amazing multipurpose PDF tool that can be used to compress pdf, unlock pdf, protect pdf, merge pdf, convert pdf to other popular format like word, jpg, excel etc. and vice versa. FoxyUtils is completely free to use and has no limitations. It is also known as the swiss army knife for PDF because of its ability to perform variety of PDF operations. A must and highly recommended PDF tool for all your PDF needs.



An easy to use PDF compressor that can compress PDF online and reduce its size. Just upload the PDF file from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive and press Compress button to start the compression process.



Smallpdf is a very good multipurpose PDF tool just like FoxUtils and can perform variety of PDF related operations. You can use Smallpdf to reduce the PDF size to a considerable extent. It can reduce your PDF files to 144dpi which makes it easier to upload on web and email retaining perfect quality for reading as well as printing. Smallpdf was used to be completely free but now it allows you to perform two PDF operations in an hour. If you want unlimited usage then you have to upgrade to its PRO plans.


Read: Complete Review of Smallpdf is easy to use online PDF compressor that can reduce the size of your PDF files. It allows maximum upload limit of 12MB for PDF files. It has two PDF compression modes which are Print and Screen.


The Print mode keeps the compression level to lower extent so that the resulting document should have quality sufficient for printing. On the other hand the Screen mode will compress PDF files to 72dpi resolution level and this result in much smaller size as compared to Print mode.

I Love PDF

A nice multipurpose PDF tool that can be used to perform some other PDF operation too besides compressing PDF files. Using this PDF tool you can compress PDF file while retaining maximal quality. This tool can also be used to merge pdf, split pdf, convert pdf to other formats and vice versa.



A free multipurpose online PDF tool that can be used to compress PDF files. Sedja can also be used to split PDF, merge PDF, edit and convert PDF files from one format to another. Just like Smallpdf this one is also not completely free and has limitations on usage. This tool allows you to perform 3 PDF tasks or operations per hour. For more and unlimited usage you have to upgrade to its PRO plan.


With this PDF tool you can compress PDF online and don’t have to worry about its quality because the compressed PDF file comes out having almost the same quality as the original one. Using this PDF tool you can also perform other pdf operations such as converting pdf to word, pdf to text, pdf to jpg, word to pdf, text to pdf, jpg to pdf, image to pdf, merge pdf, split pdf and extract pages from pdf. This tool is completely free without any limitations or restrictions.


It is an online PDF optimizer that lets you compress PDF files to smaller size. supports batch PDF compression and you can upload maximum of 50 PDF files having combined file size of 60MB. A free pdf compressor tool that just works fine and you can surely try it.



Convertio is a popular multipurpose file converter which means it can convert any file format to another besides PDF files. It can also be used to compress PDF, split unlock PDF, merge PDF and more. When you upload your PDF file then it asks three levels of compression i.e. low compression with high image quality, medium compression with medium image quality and high compression with low image quality. You can choose any one level according to your needs.



DocuPub is a document converter, pdf compressor, pdf merger and can also resize / scale PDF. Unlike other PDF compressor tools this one contains many advanced PDF compression settings that include PDF compression quality, adjusting image quality in PDF, removing certain objects from PDF and more. The maximum PDF file upload size is 10MB which I think should be a bit bigger but overall a nice professional online pdf tool to compress PDF file size.



A multipurpose PDF tool that can also be used as PDF converter and edit PDF files. This tool can also be used to compress PDF file and the maximum file upload size is 20MB. Like Docupub it also contains advanced PDF compression settings like adjusting image size and more.


An online PDf compression tool to compress PDF online. In this tool you can upload PDF file having maximum size of 500MB. It can compress the PDF file without any issues and reduce PDF size to up to 40%. This means if you have a PDF file of 100kb then after reduction its size will be around 40kb or so. A very good and easy to use PDF compression tool that you must try.


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A decent tool to compress PDF online. It supports upload limit of 10MB for PDF file. This tool does have some advanced PDF compression options like some others in this post.



A PDF converter and PDF compression online tool that is easy to use and gives good results. It supports batch PDF compression and you can upload maximum of 20 files. The maximum file size that you can upload is 50MB and the combined size is 100MB. It can also perform other PDF operation that include merge, edit, unlock or convert PDF.


It is a multipurpose PDF editing and conversion tool that can also be used to compress PDF online. It contains various advanced PDF compression options that can be used to tweak the compression settings to achieve desired results in terms of PDF quality.


It contain many other useful PDF tools that include pdf repair tool, pdf optimization tool, pdf to image converter, pdf extractor tool, image to pdf converter, pdf security tool, pdf stamp tool, pdf form filling tool, pdf command line suite, pdf prep tool suite.

Note: Compressing a PDF file may reduce its quality so please keep this in your knowledge.

Final words

I have listed all the best free PDF compressor online tools that are completely safe to use. If you have any queries regarding these PDF compressor tools or PDF compression or want to suggest another good free online PDF compressor tool then you can reach us by leaving a comment below.

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