Sumatra PDF Reader Review – A Tiny Lightweight PDF Reader

If you are getting frustrated by using the popular Adobe Reader and looking for a fast, simple and lightweight PDF Reader then the answer to your problems is Sumatra PDF Reader. Sumatra PDF is an open source PDF Reader for Windows. It is very small in size and is blazingly fast as compared to other PDF readers.


Sumatra PDF Reader

The most common PDF Reader that people uses is Adobe PDF reader, which according to me is the worst PDF reader available. It is so because it is a Bloatware and a total resource hog. Bloatware is a term that is used for softwares that too many unnecessary features and consumes lot of your system resources that includes memory (RAM), Hard Disk space and CPU. The download size of Adobe Reader ranges in 70 – 100 MB depending upon the version and after installing it size can grow to 200 MB or more on your hard disk. It is very slow in working and consumes a lot if RAM and sometimes CPU that can make your computer slow. Also the Adobe PDF reader crashes a lot and can make you very frustrated with its behavior.

Operating System Support for Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Sumatra PDF reader is available only in 32-bit version.

Download Sumatra PDF Reader (Installer and Portable version – 32-bit)

Advantages of Sumatra PDF Reader

Here are some of the reasons on why you should have Sumatra PDF Reader on your computer.


There is an official portable version of Sumatra PDF available that is around 5 MB in size. You can carry it easily on your pendrive or usb flash drive and use it on a computer that does not have a PDF reader installed.

Tiny Footprint / Small Size

Sumatra PDF Reader has very tiny footprint for both as installer and portable version. It occupies very little space on your hard disk after installing.

Uses Minimal Resources

Sumatra PDF Reader uses tiniest of resources i.e. Memory (RAM), CPU and it does not put any amount of load on your system.


This PDF Reader is lightning fast unlike the other PDF readers that take some time to load.

Easy to Use

It has very minimum but necessary set of options and features that are generally required by the users. It has very simple and clean looking interface and is very easy to use.


Sumatra PDF Simple Interface and Clean Looks

Open Source / Free

It is an open source software and is available for free to use.


In the end i would say thatl Sumatra PDF Reader is a great PDF Reader that has tiny footprint and simplicity. You can use it to read PDF files and print them too. It is not as powerful or feature rich as other PDF Readers like Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader but does its job very well. So if you need a blazingly fast PDF reader that does not tax your system and is portable too then Sumatra PDF Reader is the way to go.

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