How to Fix Slow Charging Issue in Android Smartphone

It is a fact that battery in Android Smartphones does not last very long and they have to be charged within a day or two. Battery charging is activity that takes time but if it is taking too much time then there might be an issue with your charger/adapter, smartphone or your Android OS. So here I am going to provide you the solutions to fix the slow charging issue on your Android Smartphone.


Tips to Fix Slow Charging in Android Smartphone

Here are the working solutions that will allow you fix slow charging problem in your android phone.

Weak Adapter or Charger

Sometimes due to frequent voltage fluctuations the phone charging adapter can become weak or damaged. Due to this it will supply less voltage and current to charge your android smartphone. These adapters are not repairable and the only thing you can do is to buy another charger or power adapter for your android phone. I would advise you to buy only original or good branded phone adapter or charger for your android smartphone.

Change micro-USB Cable

If you are using cheap and low quality micro USB cable for charging your phone then your phone will charge slowly. This is because these cheap quality cables are unable to provide the maximum amount of current delivered by your charger and this causes slow charging of your android smartphone. Also keep in mind that the charging cable you are getting must support the amount of current current that is supplied by your phone charger or adapter.

So get a good quality and branded micro USB cable for charging your smartphone. Read the guide below on how to select a good charging cable for your smartphone.

Here is a good charging cable that you can buy.


Buy Tukzer Micro USB Cable 2.4 Ampere

Turn Off Background Applications

When charging your phone turn off all the background applications because these applications will continue to use battery for their usage and this will cause slow charging of your android smartphone. Kill all the background applications using Task Manger or restart your android smartphone before you are plugging it in for charging.

Use High Current Charger

You can use a charger having high output current to charge your smartphone faster. I recommend using 2A (Ampere) charger to charge your smartphone if you are not satisfied with performance of your current charger. Here is good charger from Sony which is rated at 2.1A (5V). You can safely buy this charger to charge your smartphone faster.

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Sony CP-AD2 USB AC Adapter


Buy Sony CP-AD2 USB Charger

Do not use Phone when Charging

When charging leave the phone idle and do not use it (do not play games or browser internet) otherwise it will charge very slowly. If possible turn off your phone when charging. This will charge your phone relatively faster.

Do not charge from Computer USB & Power Banks

Avoid charging your phone from USB ports and power banks. Computer USB ports provides relatively lower current for charging your phone. The output current provided by USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports are mentioned below.

Current Output by USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Ports

USB 2.0 –> 500 mA

USB 3.0 –> 900 mA

If it is not an emergency then do not charge your smartphone using powerbanks as this may also reduce the lifespan of your smartphone battery. Power Banks should be used for emergency purposes only and must be avoided for regularly or daily charging of your phone.

Upgrade Android OS or Firmware

Sometime the bugs in your Android Operating System may be one the reasons for slow charging. So update your Android OS / Firmware to the latest version and see if the problem persists or not.

Change or Replace Battery

A faulty battery may also be one of the reasons for slow charging. Here you can get your battery tested at the service center and make sure it is in good health. If not then you have to get a new original battery for your android smartphone.

Get a Quick Charging Phone

If you really want very fast charging then I would advise you to get an android smartphone having Quick Charge Technology. Quick charge is charging technology by Qualcomm can charge your smartphone battery to almost 80% within 30 minutes only. To find a Quick charging phone visit the link below that contains the list of all quick charging smartphones.

List of Quick Charging Phones and Tablets

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