Best Micro USB Data Cables for Smartphones & Tablets

A data cable and a charging cable is one of the most important things for any Smartphone or Tablet. A charging cum data cable is one which can used for charging your mobile device through power adapter and can also be used with the computer for transferring data.

There are plenty of data cables available in the market from various manufacturers but all of them are not of same quality and does not performs the same. Local and unbranded data cables are cheap but they can pose serious risk to your smartphone or tablet. The branded data cables are a little bit expensive but they are of high quality and performs to their maximum capacity. Here below are the various reasons on why you should always buy a good branded data cable for your smartphone or tablet.

Why to Buy Good Branded Data Cable for your Smartphone?

Here are the top reasons on why you should always buy a good data transfer cable from a reputed brand and avoid cheap and unbranded local data cables available in the market.

Reliable – Data cables from good brands are always reliable and are made from high quality materials. They are very robust and can handle rough treatment. Also they last longer than the local made and cheap unbranded data cables.

Safe to use – Branded data cables are safe to use and you do not have to worry about them damaging your smartphone whereas local and unbranded cable can cause damage to your phone and its battery if they are unable to handle the charging current that is supplied to it.

High Performance – These branded data cables delivers high performance in all situations and they charge your mobile phone or tablet faster as compared to the unbranded data cables.

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Note: An important thing that you should keep in mind when buying a charging and data cable for your smartphone is that to make sure that the cable supports both charging and data transfer as some cables available in market are charging only cables and they cannot be used for data transfer.

Best Data Cables & Charging Cables for Smartphones & Tables

Here are the best branded data cables & charging cables for your mobile phone or tablet.

Tukzer Micro USB Cable

Tukzer is a company from Hong Kong that makes Micro USB Cables, Lightning Cables, Chargers and Power Banks. Tukzer Micro USB Cable is a very high quality micro USB cable that supports current to up to 2.4A for Fast Charging and High Speed Transmission of Data.


It is a flat cable which means it is tangle free and it has 5000+ bend lifespan which is much more than the cables from other cheaper brands. The construction and connectors quality is top notch and they are corrosion and heat resistant. The wire used in this cable is made from pure copper for better charging and high speed performance.

Tukzer Micro USB Data Cable is compatible with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras, hard drives, e-readers, external batteries, handheld game consoles and all other micro USB connecting devices from brands including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, LG, HP, Sony, Blackberry and many more.

Tukzer data cable is available in lengths of 1m and 2m and you can buy this high quality data cable at great discount from the links give below.

Buy Tukzer Micro USB Cable (1m)

Buy Tukzer Micro USB Cable (2m)

Bandridge Micro USB Cable

Like Tukzer, Bandridge micro USB cable is also a very high quality micro USB cable that can be used for both data transfer and charging. It supports USB 2.0 with maximum data transfer speed of 480 Mbps. It also supports fast charging through 2A charging adapter. The micro USB cable is thick and the conducting material or wires are made up of copper for better performance and reliability. Highly recommended by me.


Buy Bandridge Micro USB Cable

OnePlus Micro USB Cable

Here we have micro USB data transfer cable from OnePlus which is a well known company that makes some head turning Android Smartphones. This is a high quality flat tangle free micro USB cable that can be used as both data transfer cable and charging cable.


The construction quality of the cable is very good and the connectors are gold plated to prevent it from any kind of corrosion. The OnePlus Micro USB Data Cable is available in sizes of 1m and 1.5m and you can buy it from the link given below.

Buy OnePlus Micro USB Cable

Rock Micro USB Data Cable

A good Micro USB Data Cable that is relatively cheaper in price than the other data cables mentioned here. The cable supports both data transfer and charging and it is made up of pure copper wire. The length is 1 meter and it is flat data cable to avoid any tangles. You can buy it at an amazing price from the link given below.


Buy Rock Micro USB Data Cable

AmazonBasics Micro USB Cable

A very high quality micro-USB cable from the house of Amazon. It is a USB 2.0 cable and can be used for charging. It may not support fast charging but it is very fast at data transmission. The maximum data transfer rate is 480 Mb/s and it does achieve that if your devices are capable of supporting this much speed.


This micro USB cable has got gold plated connectors to combat erosion and solid build quality. It can be used with external or portable hard disks, tablets, smartphones, printers and more.

Buy AmazonBasics Micro USB Cable

Capdase Sync and Charge Cable

Capdase is a Hong Kong company that makes variety of high quality products that include cases, chargers, films, car accessories, cables, headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers and other small mobile phone accessories. Here from Capdase we have Capdase Sync and Charge Cable that can be used for both USB data transfer and charging. This is a very high quality data cable and it is a bit expensive as compared to other micro-USB cables mentioned here.  This USB data transfer cable cum charging cable is available in 1.5 meters in length and you can buy it from the link give below.


Buy Capdase Sync & Charge Cable

Aukey Micro USB Data Cable

Aukey is a very good company from USA that makes mobile accessories, auto accessories, chargers, power banks, cables and hubs. Aukey Micro USB Data Cable is a really a high quality and high performance data cable that also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 for Fast Charging your Smartphone or Tablet. For data transfer it supports speed to up to 480 Mbps which is amazing.


This data cable comes in 2m length and is highly recommended by me. You can buy Aukey Micro USB Data Cable at a huge discount from the link given below.

Buy Aukey Micro USB Data Cable

Storite Micro USB Cable

Storite is an Indian brand that sells cables, mobile accessories, computer accessories, adapters, HDD casing, kitchen appliances, converters and other electronic accessories. Storite Micro USB Cable is a good high speed data cable that also supports fast charging. It can support data transfer speed to up to 480 Mbps and 2A current for fast charging. It is compatible with almost all mobile phones and portable hard disks. The cable is relatively cheaper than other brands and you can get it from the link given below.


Buy Storite Micro USB Cable

Having doubts on choosing one? Then Ask me

All these above mentioned data cables supports both high speed data transfer and charging and they can also be used with portable hard disks. But If you still have any doubts on which data cable you should buy for your smartphone or tablet then you can ask me by leaving a comment below clearly stating your Smartphone or Tablet model.

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