When to Update to Latest Android Version?

Phone manufacturers do release updates to the Android OS for most of their mid-range and high end phones. There is craze among phone users to update their Android OS whenever a new version of Android is released. This is because newer version generally has better looking User Interface (UI) and more eye candy. But from technical point of view you should not update your Android OS just because of better looking graphics. This is because sometimes you may encounter serious problems when you blindly update your Android OS. So here in this post I will tell you when you should update your Android OS whenever a new android version is released by your phone company.


When to update your Android OS?

Here are some major situations where you may want to update your Android OS version to the latest one.

Facing Major Issues

If you facing major problems like call drop, low signal strength, call quality, hanging issues etc. then you should update your android version to the latest one when released by your android phone manufacturer. Sometimes these things may be related to faulty hardware but first you must update your OS to make sure that it is not a software based issue.

Slow Performance

If your android phone is performing very slow then you may want to update its Android OS to see whether there are any performance improvements in the latest update or not.

Battery Performance

If your smartphone battery backup is not satisfactory then you can update your android version to the latest. This is because newer android update sometimes gives you better battery performance and backup than the older ones.

New Features & Enhancements

If there are noticeable improvements and enhancements in features in the latest Android OS then you may want to update your android version to the latest one. If there no major improvements in the latest update then you should stick to your current android version only so as to remain free from any kind of unknown trouble.

Precaution to be taken before updating

Before updating to the latest android version proper care must be taken and you should do proper research on the latest update to make sure it has no major bugs or issues. You can do this by asking other users who have updated to it on the various android or smartphones forums on the internet. If everything is all right then only you should go for the update. This is because updating your Android OS is easy but downgrading is very difficult and you may end up bricking or damaging your smartphone permanently if a wrong choice is made by you.

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