How to Find a Good Charging & Data Cable for your Smartphone

A data (sync) and charging cable is one of the most important things for your Smartphone. It does two jobs for you, firstly it allows you to exchange or sync data with your Smartphone and secondly it is used for charging the battery of your phone.


Smartphone Charging and Data Cable

If you have lost or your cable gets damaged for some reason then you must be very careful in choosing a new cable because every data / charging cable is not of the same quality and an improper cable may cause damage your battery or your phone. Also you must not buy cheap, unbranded local cable because of the following points that are mentioned below.

Why not to buy Cheap and Unbranded Data & Charging Cable

Here are some valid reasons on why should avoid buying a cheap unbranded or local made data and charging cable for your smartphone.

Slow Charging

A cheap cable will take more time to charge the battery of your phone and it also gives your reduced data transfer speed between your phone and the computer. It is because of the low quality of wires they use and also they have greater AWG rating, which is explained later in this article.

Inferior Quality

An unbranded cheap cable will have inferior build quality that includes inferior quality of wires, USB and Micro USB connectors that can cause serious damage to your phone Micro USB slot permanently.

Advantages of Branded High Quality Charging & Data Cable

Here are the advantages of buying a branded quality charging and data cable for your Smartphone.

Fast and Efficient Charging

A branded cable will charge your phone faster because of the high capacity current carrying wires present in them.

Good Build Quality

The build quality of a branded cable is very good and they are equipped with good quality wires, USB and Micro USB connectors.

Longer Life

A branded cable will last significantly longer than a cheap unbranded cable.

How to Select a Reliable Charging & Data Cable for your Smartphone

Here are some important things that you should keep in mind when buying a charging / data cable for your Smartphone.

AWG / Gauge Rating

This is the most important thing to look for in a cable. AWG or American Wire Gauge is a standard wire gauge system. Every data or charging cable has its AWG number printed on it, which is to specify the diameter and current carrying capacity of wires used. It is very technical thing but I am going to explain it in very simple manner.

Higher the gauge number, thinner is the wire and also it current carrying capacity would be lower. On the other hand lower is the gauge number, thicker will the wire and higher will its current carrying capacity.

You should note that Data & Charging cables that have higher gauge number must not be used for charging Smartphones that requires significantly higher current for charging i.e. 2A or more. For high powered Smartphones you should look for a cable that has gauge number as 28/24. Cables with 24 gauge wires can handle 2 ampere current while 28/28 cables are designed to handle maximum of 0.83A of current. If you try to charge your Smartphone that requires 2A current for charging with 28/28 cable then your phone charging will be slow, and also you might up ending damaging /burning your data cable as their wires cannot handle that much of current.


Recommended Gauge Ratings for a Charging & Data Cable are 28/24, 27/25, 28/26 (for charging phones less than 1A). For high end phone that requires more current (2A or more) for charging the gauge rating must be 24 or lower.

Thumb Rule: Lesser the Gauge Number (AWG), Thicker will be the wire and more current it can handle.

Important Note: It must be noted that AWM Rating and AWG Rating are both different things. Some cables have AWM rating printed on it. AWM stands for American Wiring Material which is the size of the Jacket type (wire covering) while AWG (American Wire Gauge) is the size of the wire. So be careful and note this when selecting a cable.


Length of the cable is also very important as shorter cables have trouble reaching to your power outlet or computer USB port. Try to get a cable that is 1.5 metre or more in length.

Brand or Company

You should always buy a good branded data and charging cable for your Smartphone. A branded cable will cost more but this price is negligible compared to the one that you have paid for your Smartphone.

Recommended Charging & Data Cable for all Smartphones

Here is a good branded Capdase Sync and Charge cable that can be used to charge and sync data for your Smartphone. The best thing about this cable is that it is compatible with almost all Smartphones.

Buy Capdase USB Data & Charging Cable

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