How to Find a Good Power Bank for your Smartphone & Tablet

It is a fact that the battery of Smartphones gets discharged very fast and you have to recharge them in a day or two. For people who travels a lot and use their phones much have a hard time charging their phone in the middle of journey. So to overcome this problem you can use a device known as Power Bank to recharge your Smartphone at any place and time you want.


Power Bank

Power Bank is a portable charging device that contains a big battery, which is used to charge your Smartphone or Tablet. It is a very handy device when you are traveling and need emergency charging of your phone. Power Banks comes in different capacities, brands and features. So, It becomes very difficult for a person to decide which power bank he should get and whether it is a reliable one or not, because a cheap, local and unreliable power bank can pose a great deal of damage to your Smartphone components and its battery. So in this article I will tell on how to choose good and reliable Power Bank for your Smartphone or Tablet.

What to Look for in a Good Power Bank

Here are the most important things that you should look for before buying a Power Bank for your Smartphone or Tablet.

Battery Capacity

Power Banks mainly comes in two capacities, first in the range of 4000-5000 mAh and second one in 10000 mAh range. The more is the capacity of a power bank the more it can charge your phone or tablet multiple number of times.

4000 – 5000 mAh Power Banks – Mainly for Smartphones with battery less than 2000 mAh

10000 mAh Power Banks – For bigger Smartphones and Tablets having battery of 2500 mAh or higher e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4/3/Note3/2, iPad etc.

Number of USB Charging Ports

If you carry more than one Smartphone and need to charge them at once then you should look for a Power Bank with two USB output ports. Here you should remember that a power bank having two USB output ports will charge your phone faster in one usb port than the other because one usb port gives output current of 1A and other one will have 2.1A current on it.


Power Bank with Dual USB Output Charging Ports

It must be noted that only Power Banks having 10000 mAh capacity can come in two USB output ports option.

Protection & Safety Features

If you want to be on safer side or you really care for your expensive Smartphone / Tablet then you should look for the various advanced safety features in a Power Bank that are being mentioned below.

OCP – Over Current Protection / Over Charge Protection

OVP – Over Voltage Protection

SCP – Short Circuit Protection

ODP – Over Discharge Protection

LED Indicators for Battery Status

The Power Bank must have LED indicators to display the state of charging and discharging i.e. battery status, so that you can get an idea when to charge your Power Bank.


LED Indicators for Battery Level

Some Power Banks also have LCD display to indicate the battery status and other relevant information such as current and voltage.


Power Bank with LCD Display

Other Features

Other features include a LED torch and power management features like auto power off etc.


Power Bank with LED Torch


Last but not the least is that you should always go for a good branded Power Bank rather than cheap, Local & Chinese ones. Some reliable and good brands for Power Banks are PNY, Samsung, Sony, Boat, ADATA, Philips, Asus, Portronics, iHave etc.

Buy Branded Power Banks

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