Advantages or Benefits of having a Graphics Card for your PC

Not everyone buys a graphics card for their PC. This is because many people think that do not need it and the onboard graphics can serve their purpose. Well they may be correct to some extent but having a graphics card (even an entry level one) has its own advantages and benefits which I am going to discuss next in this article.


Top Advantages of Having a Dedicated Graphics Card

Here are the top benefits for having a dedicated graphics card installed in your desktop PC.

Richer Gaming Experience

If you are a passionate gamer then graphics card is a must have component but even if you are a casual gamer then also having a budget graphics card can enhance your gaming experience to a much greater level. This is because an onboard graphics solution cannot match the performance of a real graphics card even if it is an entry level one.

Increase in Computer Performance

The performance of your computer will surely increase by having a graphics card. This is because of the following two things:

1. Takes Load Off from CPU

An on-board graphics solution is generally dependent on CPU for all the graphical processing and calculations, so a part of the CPU remains engage in providing graphics, which can reduce the overall performance of a CPU and thus the whole system. A Graphics Card does not depend on the CPU and has its own GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for performing all the graphics related operations and processing.

2. Free Up System Memory (RAM)

An onboard graphics solution takes up the system memory (RAM) for storing all the graphics information & data which can reduce a part of your total system memory. Whereas a graphics card has its own memory for performing all the graphics related tasks and processing.

Performance Increase in 3D Applications & Softwares

If you are a graphics designer or uses high end graphics and 3D applications like phototoshop, maya, heavy video editing tools etc. then having a graphics card can really speed up your work and you also get better performance & accurate results in these high-end graphics applications and tools.

Better Video and HD Experience

If you watch lots of HD and Blu-ray movies then a graphics card can really enhance your experience in watching high definition videos and movies.

Better Driver Support

A graphics card has better driver support for new operating systems, games and applications. This is because GPU manufacturers time to time releases latest drivers for their graphics card to keep them updated with the latest operating systems and games.

Final Words & Advice

At the end I would like to say one thing that having a graphics is always advantageous whether you are into gaming or not. If you do not want to purchase a mid-range or high-end graphics card then just go for a budget one as they are very affordable and are ten times better than an onboard video solution.

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