What kind of Graphics Card should you buy for your PC

Graphics card is an essential component for your PC. Some people don’t buy it because they are ok with the onboard graphics that comes with your motherboard. But I in this blog only I have told many times that you should always invest some money in a graphics card for your PC because even a low end graphics card can outperform your onboard graphics by a decent margin.


So I always recommend all the PC users to buy a dedicated graphics card to get more performance out of their desktop computer. To read more about the advantages of having a dedicated graphics card, you can read the post mentioned below.

Advantages of having a dedicated Graphics Card

Graphics Card According to Company – NVIDIA vs. AMD

Read the article below to read the differences between the two major graphics card manufacturing companies in the world, which are Nvidia and AMD.

AMD Vs NVIDIA Graphics Cards Comparison

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Graphics Card Buying Guide based on your Requirements

Here, I have categorized the graphics cards according to the budget and performance and will tell you which type of graphics card a user should buy based on his requirements, because there are different kinds of graphics cards available in the market based on price and the power they posses.

Low Range Graphics Cards

These are the entry level graphics cards that are not meant for playing games. These cards forms the starting range of graphics cards and is suitable for watching HD movies, Blue-ray playback or for working with high end professional graphics applications like Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Video Encoding and Decoding softwares etc. The price range of these graphics cards starts from Rs. 1500 and goes to Rs. 5000/-. Examples – Nvidia GT 210, GT 610, GT 720, ATI Radeon HD 5450, R5-230, R7-240

Budget Range Graphics Cards

Then comes the budget range graphics cards on which you can enjoy some casual gaming but they are still very underpowered to run big & demanding games like Crysis 2, Assassins Creed Unity, Farcry 4 etc. They can run older game on medium settings with decent resolution. Their price starts from Rs. 5000/- and goes to Rs. 7000/- depending upon their specifications. Examples – Nvidia GT 630, GT 640, GT 730, GT 740, GTX 650, GTX 660, AMD/ATI Radeon R7-250, R7-250X

Mid Range Graphics Cards

Mid Range Graphics cards offers a great balance between price and performance. These graphics cards are for gamers who have limited budget. Mid range graphics cards are powerful enough to play any games but you have to compromise on some settings especially when playing demanding and big games like Assassins Creed Unity, Farcry 4 etc. You can run latest demanding games on medium settings on high resolution with these cards. Examples – Nvidia GTX 750, AMD/ATI Radeon R7-260X, R9-270

These cards are the preferred choice for maximum number of gamers as they deliver performance without digging too much hole in your pocket. Mid Range Graphics cards price range starts from Rs. 7000/- and can go to up to Rs. 13000/- based on the GPU and Memory specifications.

Higher-Mid Range Graphics

These cards are more powerful than mid-range graphics cards and offers greater performance over them in gaming. These cards have their own place because some gamers want more performance than mid-range cards and they are willing to pay some more money for that. These cards are very powerful and can run latest and heavy games at high settings and high resolution, but sometimes you may have to compromise on some high settings like Anti-aliasing etc. but this does not affect the eye candy or graphics that you see on your computer screen. Their price starts from Rs. 15000/- and goes to up to Rs. 30000/-. Examples – Nvidia GTX 660 Ti, GTX 760, GTX 770, AMD/ATI Radeon R9-270X,

High or Top Range Graphics Cards

These are top of line graphics cards that are built for hardcore gaming and can run anything on maximum graphics settings no matter what game you throw at them. They can run all the latest demanding games at highest settings with highest resolution (exception in some games). Examples – Nvidia GTX 780, GTX 780 Ti, GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX Titan, GTX Titan Z, AMD/ATI Radeon R9-280, R9-280X, R9-290, R9-290X

High end graphics cards range starts from Rs. 30000/- and can go to whopping Rs. 60000/- or more based on the power they posses. Better the GPU and Memory speed, higher will be their price. It must be noted that cards that are above Rs. 30000/- are known as Ultra High end graphics cards. Only hardcore or true gamers with lots of money are only able to purchase them as these cards are very expensive.

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