How to Find the Best Graphics Card Driver for any Game

It has been seen that the performance of a game also depends on your graphics card driver even if you have a powerful graphics card installed in your PC. Manufacturers of graphics cards chipset / GPU regularly releases latest and updated driver versions for their GPU for getting better performance in new and latest games.


Each version of graphics card driver is different and contains different levels of optimization & fixes that gives different performance for different games. It can give you higher performance and FPS in some games and can perform very badly for other games with insanely low frame rates. Even though GPU manufacturer releases the updated drivers for the latest upcoming games, but then also sometimes it is not the best one for some games. Sometimes a beta driver or an older driver version performs very well for a game giving you higher frame rates. So here in this post I will guide you on how to find the best graphics card driver for any game.

Guide & Tips on Finding the Best Graphics Driver for a Game

Here are some useful tips on finding the best graphics driver for your Nvidia and AMD/ATI based graphics card.

Latest is not always better

GPU manufacturers time to time releases the latest drivers and also recommend them to install for your latest games, but sometimes latest may not be the best driver for your game, and you may experience bad frame rates and other graphics issues with that driver. So if you are facing frame rate issues with latest version of the graphics driver then you should roll back to your old stable driver.

Research on Internet

If you are facing low frame rates and other issues even with the older driver also for that game then you can search on internet, game and drivers forums for the best performing driver for that particular game. Here is an example of a search query that you can type in Google to find the best graphics driver for a particular game.

best nvidia driver for assassins creed unity

Test it yourself

After searching on the internet if you have found out couple of good drivers for your game then you find the best one among them by testing it yourself. You can test the game performance for any driver using Fraps, which is a real time video recording and game benchmarking software. The driver giving you the highest frame rates is the one that you should install it for that particular game. If you are still facing any driver problems with any game then you can ask me by leaving a comment below.

Important Links for Graphics Card Driver Download

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