How to Find the Best Cabinet for your PC

A cabinet or computer case is the most important part of your PC because it holds all your computer components together. It is often ignored by many people and they mostly settle for a cheap cabinet from a local brand. A good cabinet can keep your components running in good condition and increases their lifetime to some extent. Also you can add extra components to your computer without any fear if you have made the right decision in choosing your cabinet.


Important things to consider when choosing a PC Cabinet

Here are some of the most important things or factors to consider when buying a Computer Case or Cabinet.

Form Factor or Size

Generally PC cabinets comes in two main sizes, ATX and microATX (mini tower case). ATX cabinet is a full sized cabinet and micro ATX cabinets are smaller and compact in size. If you don’t have extra space then micro ATX cabinet is a good choice otherwise if you do not any space issues then you should always go for ATX cabinets.

ATX cabinets also comes in different sizes, some of them are bigger and has room for extra components and fans while other ATX cabinets are just normal in size and do not have any room for improvement.

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Ventilation or Airflow

Proper ventilation in your cabinet allow good airflow in your computer case or cabinet that helps in reducing the temperature in your cabinet so that the major components of your PC e.g. Processor, Graphics Card, Hard Disk does not get overheated. It also helps in increasing the lifespan of your computer components. So make sure the cabinet you are looking for has proper vents and air circulation inside it.


Room for Fans

Fans are used to throw out the heat generated inside your cabinet thus lowering down the temperature inside the case. Exhaust or Outtake fans are common but a good cabinet should also have an intake fan for achieving proper air circulation. The intake fan usually sits in the front bottom side of the cabinet. It pushes the air inside the cabinet and then the exhaust fans which are usually located at the rear top of the cabinet expel the hot air out from the cabinet. Gaming cabinets generally have bigger fans (120 mm fans) that are more efficient in working. My advice is to get a cabinet that should have at least two exhaust fans and one intake fan.

Body Type

A pure aluminum body will allow better heat dissipation thus reducing the temperature inside the cabinet to a great extent.

Brand / Company

A cabinet from a reputed brand has good build quality and more features. Some of the reputed brands of computer cabinets are Antec, CoolerMaster, iBall etc.

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