How to Find a Good UPS for your Computer

What is UPS ?

Uninterruptible Power Supply or commonly known as UPS is a device that protects your computer from voltage surges or fluctuations and sudden power outage or failure. A UPS generally has two main components, one is a battery to provide power back-up and the other one is a transformer that is used to stabilize voltage fluctuations.


Is UPS Necessary ?

Well the answer to this question can be both yes and no, but I would prefer the answer more on yes side. The thing is that you can run or operate your computer normally without any UPS installed, but it is a risky business to do so, because if by chance there is any sudden spike in voltage or electricity shutdown then it may cause damage to your PC components. The damaged components can be a SMPS, motherboard, RAM, Graphics card or anything connected to your PC. So in my view a UPS should always be connected to your computer system as it serves as a protector to your computer.

Why you should get a UPS for your Computer?

How to Check your UPS Requirements

A normal everyday computer with no extra frills like Graphics Card, Multiple Hard Drives would require a 500 VA UPS. A Gaming System with more advanced configuration having a high end graphics card installed will need a UPS with more than 600VA capacity.

The Capacity or the load of the UPS is calculated in terms of VA or volt-ampere. It is more or like similar to the Watt rating used in SMPS and other power devices, but the VA rating is more related to the current factor. VA is the measure of power in a DC circuit. It is a technical reading which is harder to understand for a basic computer user. So just remember that a system with more devices installed will need a higher VA rating UPS. The type of UPS generally used for home computer are called line interactive UPS.

There is also tool available from APC Corporation from where you can get a general idea about your UPS requirements. This tool is called as APC UPS Calculator.

Here you select the devices installed in your PC and then it will generate VA rating according to which can buy the new UPS for your computer. It gives a good idea about the approximately power consumption by your system.

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APC UPS Calculator

Click here for APC UPS Calculator


APC UPS Calculator

Some Good UPS Brands / Companies

Here I am listing down some companies that are known to manufacture high quality UPS for both homes, offices and other large businesses that requires a continuous electricity backup in case of any power failure. Here I would say that APC is the one of the leading and largest manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supply in the world. Their UPS models can be little more expensive as compared to other but they are worth the extra money.

APC – Top UPS Manufacturer in the world. Makes some of the best UPS out there.

Delta – Good Company that specializes in UPS manufacturing.

Luminous – Indian Company that produces quality UPS products.

Microtek – A Taiwan based company. They offer good quality products at reasonable price.

Numeric – A leading Indian UPS manufacturer company that specializes in UPS making.

PowerSafe – A very good under-rated company from India. Their products are hard to find but they do not compromise on quality.

CyberPower – An international brand that manufactures and sells ups backup systems, power supply units, power distribution units, and surge protection products.

iBall – An Indian Company that sells variety of computer products. Their UPS are cheapest among all these brands but are safe and reliable.

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