Best PC Power Supply Calculator Online Tools to Find Right PSU

If you are building your new computer or making an upgrade and are confused about the power requirements of your new configuration then don’t worry, you can find it using some of the online tools available on the internet. These special tools are called Computer Power Supply Calculator, PSU Calculator you can also say Power Supply Wattage Calculator.

These power supply calculator tools can give you an estimate or idea about the power requirements of your PC so that you can buy the right PSU (Power Supply Unit) or SMPS (Switch-mode Power Supply) accordingly. You can easily calculate power supply requirement or wattage of your computer using one of these nifty tools.

These tools are very simple to use, and you just have to select the devices or components that you have in your computer and it will calculate the required power requirement of your computer based on your selection. The Power requirement is calculated in Watts and the estimate it provides is pretty close to the actual power requirements of your PC, so that you can buy best power supply for your computer.

Best Online PSU Power Supply Calculator Tools

Here are the best online PSU power supply calculator tools to find out the power consumption of your PC so that you can get the required capacity SMPS / PSU for it. The capacity or the load of PSU is measured in Wattage or Watts (W).

OuterVision Power Supply Calculator

eXtreme OuterVision Power Supply Calculator is regarded as one of the most accurate and the best power supply calculator to estimate your PC power consumption for getting a power supply. In this you will get two types of power supply calculator modes, one is basic and other one is expert. In basic you can estimate power consumption with minimal selection of PC components but if you want more accurate and advanced results then you can use expert mode where you will able to select all the components of your PC.


After selecting your components when you click on the calculate button then it will show you the Load Wattage, Recommended UPS rating and Recommended PSU Wattage. Also it suggests the recommended power supply for you.

Cooler Master Power Supply Calculator

Cooler Master Power Supply Calculator  is one of the best power supply calculator available online to estimate your PC power consumption in watt. It allows you to select almost all the components in your computer case including Processor, RAM, Graphics Card, Hard disk, no. of fans etc. and you can also select the computer utilization. After selecting all the components just click on the Calculate button and in the Results window you will be able to see the Load Wattage and Recommended PSU Wattage for your PC. Overall a great online Power Supply Calculator for PC that you must try.


MSI Power Supply Calculator

A very good and reliable power supply calculator for PC from MSI. In this power supply calculator you can select your PC components one by one and it will tell you the power consumption on-the-fly in Watts. The user interface is pretty cleanly laid out  and the tool is very simple to use.


Newegg Power Supply Calculator

A very basic and simple power supply calculator from which is a very popular online retailer of computer hardware and software. It is a very basic power supply calculator and does not have many options to choose from or select. But it is very helpful to provide you an estimate about your computer power consumption so that you can buy yourself the right power supply.


Corsair PSU Finder

An online computer power supply calculator tool for choosing the right Corsair PSU for your PC. To use this tool just select your processor, graphics card, number of hard drives, PSU 80 plus certification that you need, PSU Modularity and whether you have overclocked your CPU or Graphics card. After selecting all these things correctly just click on the Calculate button and you will be presented with recommended Corsair PSUs which you can buy.


This tool will not tell you your PC power consumption in watts and it just recommends the power supply on your inputs. This tool is only useful for choosing the Corsair SMPS for your PC.

Be Quiet PSU Calculator

Be Quiet PSU Calculator is another very good and simple to use power supply calculator tool for finding out your computer power consumption. be quiet is a brand and manufacturer of power supplies and cooling solutions for desktop PC. The power supply calculator from be quiet does provide decent results.

bequiet-psu-calculator is a independent site that provides one of the best PC power supply calculator to estimate your PC power consumption. It has options for almost all the components that draws power from your SMPS. You can select the required components present in your PC right from CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, Fans, other devices and then hit the calculate button to know your power consumption in Watts.


Note: All the results displayed by power supply calculator are just estimates but they can be pretty close to the real word figures. This is because the power loss due to heat and other factors are not taken in the account when you calculate the power consumption using these computer power supply calculator tools.

If you have any doubts about your PC power consumption and PSU requirement then you can ask me by leaving a comment below. You can also tip us if you want to suggest any other good PSU calculator tool for finding a proper power supply.

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