NEG Scratch Resistant Glass vs Gorilla Glass – How Good is it?

Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass are the two widely used and most popular scratch resistant and protection glasses used in Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices. If you have been following my blog regularly then you must have known that previously have written many articles on Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass. Also I have compared them both closely and also listed down the phones that have them. If you are a new visitor to my blog or have not read those articles then you can find those articles or resources below.

Top Resources on Gorilla Glass & Dragontrail Glass [Must Read]

But here I am going to discuss another Scratch Resistant Glass for mobile devices which is NEG Glass. NEG or Nippon Electric Glass is a glass from Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. which is a Japanese glass manufacturer and produces various types and kinds of glasses that includes Glass for Display Devices, Glass Fiber, Glass for Electronic Devices, Building Materials, Heat-Resistant Glass, and More. The company is not new as it was established 1949 but it suddenly came to limelight among various users on internet because of the use of their new scratch resistant and damage resistant glass in smartphones.


You can know more about the NEG company by visiting their official website here.

What is NEG Glass [Dinorex] for Smartphones & Mobile Devices?

NEG or Nippon Electric Glass for mobile devices is a very hard, high tensile strength and scratch resistant glass that is used as a protection glass in smartphones, tablets and may be other mobile devices. Just like Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass, NEG glass is also very hard and flexible which prevents scratches and damage due to minor drops and rough handling.

The special name or the brand name of NEG’s Scratch Resistant Glass for Smartphone, Tablets and other Mobile devices is Dinorex. NEG chose the name Dinorex, a portmanteau meaning kinsg of dinosaurs, based on the image of the Tyrannosauraus Rex, known to be the strongest of Dinosaurs. The name indicates the strength and toughness of the glass against cracks and scratches.


NEG’s Dinorex is made hard and strong using chemical strengthening. This process for strengthening is known as Ion exchange mechanism where glass containing sodium ions (Na+) is soaked in a potassium nitrate solution containing potassium ions (K+), the Na+ ions on the glass surface change places with the K+ ions in the solution. The resulting K+ ions have a larger diameter than the Na+ ions and exert compressive stress on the glass surface. The glass thus produced can also withstand a hammer blow without breaking.


Ion Exchange Process

Types of NEG Dinorex Glass

There are two types of Dinorex Glass which are being mentioned below:

Dinorex T2X-1 – It is a very tough and hard glass that is scratch resistant and shock resistant. It can withstand damages and stress much better than the conventional soda lime glass. Its strength is similar to that of gorilla glass and dragontrail glass.

Dinorex T2X-0 – It is a glass that has touch sensors integrated in it. This means it is a One Glass Solution or OGS Glass just like Corning’s Concore Glass.

Features of Dinorex Glass

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • Reliable and very strong
  • Colorless and Crystal Glass
  • Flexible which avoid breaking
  • Can be made very thin
  • Can be integrated with touch sensors

NEG glass is used in Coolpad Note 3, Coolpad Note 3 Lite, Meizu m2 note, Meizu m3 note Android Smartphones. We can expect to see more smartphones and tablets using this glass in future.

NEG Glass vs. Gorilla Glass vs Draongtrail Glass

NEG glass may not be as good as Gorilla glass and dragontrail glass but it is certainly better than ordinary soda lime glass. There is not much technical detail available about the new Scratch resistant glass from NEG used in mobile phones, but there are good and positive reviews about this new glass. So if your new smartphone does not have Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail Glass protection but has NEG Glass protection then you don’t have to worry about it as your smartphone screen will be as safe as it would have been with the other two.

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