How to Upgrade your Old Gaming PC for Latest Games

Latest big games requires huge amount of resources and latest hardware configuration to run smoothly on your PC. This means gamers who have old hardware have to update some of their components so that they can match their system specs with the ones required by the latest demanding games.


Every gamer does not have the required budget to upgrade their whole PC to the latest hardware as it is an expensive matter, so here in this post I will guide you on how to upgrade your PC for the latest games. You do not have to upgrade the whole PC but only the selected major components that are slowing down your PC in gaming performance.

Find out Which Components Need Upgrading

First of all you have to know or find out that which hardware components need upgrade as you may be fine with the graphics card and memory but your processor is too much outdated or you may be fine with the processor and memory (RAM) but your graphics card needs upgrading. Other scenario would be that you are ok with processor and graphics but need more RAM which is generally required in large amount by the latest high end games. So here are the list of major components that may or may not require upgrade according to your needs and budget you have.

Processor / CPU

If your processor is not able to cope up with the games that are CPU intensive then you may want to upgrade your processor. But here also the latest processor may not fit in or compatible with your old motherboard because of different sockets found in newer generation of processors. Socket compatibility is the major issue when upgrading your processor, so what you can do here is that you can buy the higher processor model for your current motherboard socket. Older processors may not be available as new as the companies’ do not manufacture older processors anymore. In this case you can buy the second hand or the refurbished processor from a reputed vendor or hardware supplier.


A Refurbished or Second hand Core 2 Quad Q9650 Processor

Even if your processor and motherboard have the same socket and pins then also you should check whether your new processor is supported by the manufacturer of your motherboard. In some cases it is not and in some you have to update your current BIOS to the latest one to support new processors. Another thing you can do is overclock your processor to gain maximum performance out of it.

Graphics Card

If your graphics card has become too old for new games then you can sell your current graphics card offline or online and buy a new mid-range graphics card. You can also overclock your graphics card for additional performance in games. Here below are some useful articles that can help you to buy a new graphics card.

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How to Get Maximum Performance from your Graphics Card


Latest games require at least Windows 7 64-bit operating system with at least 4GB of RAM. So if you are having 2GB of RAM or less then you should upgrade it to 4GB or even 8GB to remain on the safer side.

How to Find Best RAM for your PC


SMPS upgrade should be in conjunction with the upgrading of the graphics card because if you have upgraded your graphics card to a high end or a decent one then you should also change your PSU to the one that should match your graphics card requirements.

How to Find a Good SMPS for your PC

Best SMS or Power Supply Brands

Perform Compatibility Check

When upgrading your hardware components you should always check the compatibility of your new hardware to the ones that are already present in your PC. Here are some most important compatibility checks that you can perform before buying the new hardware component.

Is your new Processor compatible with your current Motherboard?

Is the new RAM compatible with your Motherboard?

Does your Motherboard require a BIOS update for supporting new processor?

How much RAM can your Motherboard Support?

You can gather the above required information by looking at your computer component manual or find it the at its manufacturers website on the internet.

Find out if your Computer can run this Game?

Upgrade the Components

Lastly after conducting a proper research and performing necessary compatibility checks you can buy the hardware components that need an upgrade.

Buy Computer Components Online

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