How to get Maximum Performance out of your Graphics Card

New Games are released time to time and their demand for resources increases every time. You cannot afford to upgrade your graphics card every time when any new game is released, having pretty heavy specifications, as Graphics cards are not cheap. But one thing you can do is to get maximum performance out of your video card. This article will give you some advice on how you can tweak your card to get maximum performance out of it.


Useful Tips to Improve Graphics Card Performance

Here are some important tips to follow to get maximum performance in games from your current graphics card.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

The first and the foremost step is to update your Graphics Card. Latest and updated drivers contains many bug fixes, improvements and performance enhancements that can be very helpful in playing newer games.

Sufficient Power to your Card

Make sure you have sufficient power supply for your card. If the card requires 400 watts of SMPS then you should install at least 500 watt or higher SMPS for your computer as other components will also draw power. If your power supply is under-powered then your graphics card will not perform to its maximum level.

Some Good Brands of SMPS

Overclock your Card

Overclocking your Graphics Card can be a risky process but if done properly then you can get about 10 to 25 percent more performance or boost in your games. The best utility to overclock your nvidia based graphics card is EVGA Precision. Here is a complete article on how to overclock your card.

How to Overclock your Graphics Card

Proper & Sufficient Cooling

Proper Cooling of your Graphics Card is also very important because if your card gets very hot then its performance will decrease and it can suffer damage because of extreme heat. Also if you are overclocking your card to much higher frequencies then it is always good to purchase a good aftermarket cooler for it. A liquid or water cooling is the best if you can afford it.

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