PC vs Laptop Comparison – Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing between a PC and a Laptop can be hard sometimes because both Desktop PC and Laptop have their own advantages and disadvantages. So here I am going to compare these two types of computers, a fully fledged desktop PC and a Laptop in detail.


Advantages of PC over Laptop

Here are the top advantages of a desktop computer over laptop.


You will feel more comfortable working on PC rather than on a Laptop. It is because a PC has bigger monitor, full sized keyboard and mouse which does not cause fatigue and you can work on PC for longer duration. On the other hand laptop has smaller screen, keyboard and a touchpad which can strain your eyes, fingers and back.

Easily Upgradable

A PC can be upgraded easily which is not in the case with laptops. In PC you can upgrade processor, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, hard disk, monitor, keyboard and almost everything but in a laptop there is less room for upgradation. Some of the things that you can upgrade in a laptop is Hard disk and RAM.

More Powerful

A PC is generally more powerful than a Laptop even when both have the same kind of hardware configuration. This is because PC components are more robust and heavy duty as compared to the laptop ones. This can also lead to better and faster performance in PC as compared to laptop.


A PC is more robust as compared to laptop. PC components are strongly built while the components used in laptop are small and delicate. Generally laptops components have greater tendency of getting damaged as compared to components of the desktop computer.

Less Expensive

A PC with good configuration equivalent or better than that of Laptop will cost lesser. Also a PC generally has more life and gives more performance than a laptop.

Advantages of Laptop over PC

Here are the main advantages of laptop over a desktop computer or PC.


The main advantage of laptop over PC is that it is a portable computer and you can carry it with you at anywhere, whereas you cannot carry PC with you anytime you want. A laptop is very useful for people who do lot a traveling in their job or business and their work depends on the internet.


A laptop is more of a personal thing, so if you want a personal computer for yourself which you do not want to share it with others or let them use it then you should always get a laptop. As laptop is small in size so you can also safely hide it from others.


On laptop you can do your work for quite some time even when you do not have mains power. This is because a laptop is equipped with a huge battery which can let you work for 1-2 hours or more (depends on the laptop battery size/type and programs running). In PC you only have the option of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which only works for 10 minutes or so and in that time all you can do is to save your work and shut down your computer properly.

Computer Recommendation for Different Type of Work / Purpose

For Normal Work – PC or Laptop

For Business – PC for Office purpose and Laptop for traveling work

For Professional Work – PC (recommended) if portability is not an issue otherwise a high-end Laptop

For Gaming – always PC

Final Words

Laptops have become quite powerful and faster in recent years but still you cannot overlook the power, robustness and comfort of a PC. Laptops are only useful when portability is a major issue and they are not at all recommended for gaming purpose. So if portability is not your main concern and you want a powerful computer for your daily work and gaming then you should always go for a PC.

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