How to Increase Battery Life of your Laptop

The life of your Laptop battery can last for 6 months or even up to 5 years depending upon how much you use it and how well you take care of your laptop. I have seen some batteries running out in 5-6 months and also seen some lasting for even more than 5 years. Here I am sharing some battery life tips which if you follow can make your laptop battery to last for years.


Tips to increase your Laptop Battery Life

Here are some excellent working and test tips that can increase the life of your battery in long run.

Use External Power source whenever possible

Use the external electricity source i.e AC Mains to power your laptop whenever possible. Only switch to battery when you do not find any external source of power.

Keep the battery Cool

Use a cooling pad / laptop cooler to keep the battery cool as it increases the lifespan and performance of your battery.

Optimize Power Profiles in your OS

In your operating system preferably windows switch to the battery optimized power profile under settings to keep the load minimum on your laptop battery.

Remove Battery when not needed

If you are going on a vacation or not using the laptop for a long time then remove the battery from the laptop and keep it in a cool and dry place.

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