Best Power Banks in India with High Capacity & Fast Charging

Power Bank is a portable device that is used to charge your Smartphone or Tablet On the Go and during emergency situations where you do not find any nearby power source. A Power Bank consists of a big rechargeable battery and USB port to charge the battery of your mobile device whether it is a Smartphone or a Tablet. There are various unbranded and cheap power banks available in the market and on various online stores that you should keep distance from. This is because of the following reasons mentioned below.


Disadvantages of Cheap & Local Branded Power Banks

Poor Construction – These cheap power banks are made up of cheap plastic and their construction quality is very bad. They are not as rigid and tough as compared to the branded power banks from good companies like PNY, Asus, Lenovo, TP-Link etc.

Low Battery Life – The battery of these local branded power banks does not last very long and after their battery dies you just have to throw them away.

Poor Performance – These cheap power banks are very poor in performance. First they charge your mobile phone very slow and also the power bank batteries do not perform to their full capacity.

May Damage your Phone – These low quality power banks may cause damage to your phone battery and also to your phone components. This is because of their power output varies a lot and it can shorten the lifespan of the battery of your smartphone or tablet.

Smartphones batteries are getting bigger with the time and now you can even find a Smartphone with mammoth 5000 mAh battery, So here I am going to list down the best high capacity power banks having battery capacity of 10000 mAh and higher.

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Best Branded Power Banks with Big Batteries to Buy in India

Here are the best power banks having high battery capacities from well reputed brands that you can safely buy in India. I am also providing the links to buy them at best price so that you do not have to waste your time searching them on various online e-commerce sites in India.

PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank

Many of you never heard of PNY before but I must tell you that it is a very good and well reputed company. PNY is an American company that makes flash memory cards, USB flash drives, Solid state drives (SSD), memory upgrade modules, power banks, computer locks, cables, chargers, adapters and high quality Graphics Cards. It is not that much popular in India but I have known PNY for many years and you can take my word for it.


Here from PNY we have PNY BE-740 Power Bank that comes with 10400mAh battery. The powerbank has a very beautiful and stylish design. It has got a single USB output port for charging your phone and it has LED torch on front of it. The single output port is of 2.1A (5V) which can charge your phone faster. There are 4 LED light indicators to indicate the battery charge and discharge status of the powerbank.

PNY BE-740 Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity 10400mAh, 3.7 Volts Li-ion
Output USB Ports 2 x 2.1A, 5V
Features LED indicators, LED Torch
Price Rs. 1400/-

Buy PNY BE-740 Power Bank

Romoss Polymos 10, 10000mAh Power Bank

Romoss is a good company that specializes in Power Banks and Chargers for Mobile Devices. Here from Romoss we have Romoss Polymos 10 Power Bank which has 10000mAh battery. The Power Bank is simple is design but looks very elegant.


This power bank has two output USB ports for charging two devices at once. The total output of USB ports is 2.1A. There are LED indicators present for displaying the status of the battery. It comes with various safety features that include Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Charge Protection (OCP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Magnetic Field Protection (MFP) and Short Circuit Protection (SCP).

Romoss Polymos 10 Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-Polymer 10000mAh
Output USB Ports 2 USB Ports (2.1A, 1A)
Features Safety Features like OCP, OPP, OVP etc.
Price Rs. 1100/-

Buy Romoss Polymos 10 Power Bank

Romoss SOLO-6, 16000 mAh Power Bank

Another Romoss Power Bank that has even bigger battery and better performance. It comes with a huge 16000mAh battery and has dual USB output ports of 1A and 2.1A. The design of the power bank is quite simple and compact. There are 4 LED indicators on it for showing the battery status.


Romoss SOLO-6 Power Bank comes with Fitcharge Technology that can automatically detect the input current demand of the devices and their specific charging needs for improved compatibility. It also comes with various protection features such as OCP, OVP, SCP etc. Highly Recommended by me.

Romoss SOLO-6 Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-ion16000mAh
Output USB Ports Dual Ports 1A and 2.1A, 5V
Features Fitcharge Technology, OCP, OVP, SCP
Price Rs. 1150/-

Buy Romoss SOLO-6 Power Bank

TP-Link TL-PB10400, 10400mAh Power Bank

TP-Link is famous for its networking products i.e. wifi routers, modems etc. but it does make some high quality power banks also. Here from TP-Link we have TP-Link TL-PB10400 Power Bank that comes with a 104000mAh battery. It is a square shaped power bank and the design is not so great. But the performance and reliability of this power bank is something to talk about.


This power bank comes with dual USB ouput ports of 1A and 2A. The energy efficiency rate of this powerbank is 90% which is very good. There are LED indicators located on it for showing the battery charge status. The power bank comes with LED Torch or Flashlight and various protection features like OCP, OVP and SCP.

TP-Link TL-PB10400 Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity 104000mAh
Output USB Ports Dual Ports 1A and 2A, 5V
Features Flashlight, OCP, OVP, SCP, LED Indicators
Price Rs. 1200/-

Buy TP-Link TL-PB10400 Power Bank

Portronics Velocity, 10400 mAh Power Bank

Portronics is an Indian company that makes Power Banks, Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Projectors, Portable Chargers, Smart watch and other smaller Computer Accessories. This brand is slowly getting recognition because of its good quality products that are Made in India.


Here from Portronics we have Portronics Velocity Power Bank with 10400mAh battery. The power bank has compact and pleasing design and it comes with dual USB Output ports of 1A and 2A for charging your mobile device. The batteries used in this power bank are from Samsung which depicts high performance and reliability of the product.

There are LED indicators Located on it for indicating the battery status.  It also comes with protection features like OCP, OVP, SCP as with other chargers. Overall this is a very good product that is completely Made in India.

Portronics Velocity Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-Ion 10400mAh (Original Samsung Cells)
Output USB Ports Dual ports, 1A and 2.1A, 5V
Features OCP, OVP, SCP, LED Indicator
Price Rs. 1150/-

Buy Portronics Velocity Power Bank

Portronics Power Brick, 13000mAH Power Bank

Another good Power Bank from Portronics that has got even bigger battery of 13000mAh. This power bank consists of original LG Battery which means it is very reliable and last longer. The design of the power bank is brick line which its name also indicates. It has dual USB Output ports of 1A and 2.1A. The protection features are the same as with its Velocity Power Bank.


Portronics Power Brick Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-Ion 13000mAh (Original LG Cells)
Output USB Ports Dual ports, 1A and 2.1A, 5V
Features OCP, OVP, SCP, LED Indicators
Price Rs. 1650/-

Buy Portronics Power Brick Power Bank

Asus Zen Power 90AC00P0-BBT008, 10050 mAh Power Bank

Asus is a very reputed company worldwide that is known for making high quality computer products that include motherboards, graphics cards etc. Asus also makes Android Smartphones and Power Banks. Here from Asus we have Asus Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank. The power bank is very compact and lightweight in size. The design is also very refreshing and it has aluminum casing which looks very premium and also provides it strength.


This Asus Power Bank has only one Output USB Port but it can provide current to up to 2.4A. This high amount can charge your phone or tablet at much rapid pace. There are also LED Indicators present for displaying battery status. It comes with 11 types of protection features that includes OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP etc. and has got 6 International Certifications. This is really a high quality power bank and is highly recommended by me.

Asus Zen Power Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-ion 10050 mAh
Output USB Ports One Port, 2.4A, Ultra Fast Charging
Features Various Protection Features, LED Indicators
Price Rs. 1800/-

Buy Asus Zen Power Power Bank

Microsoft Portable Dual Charger DC-33

Microsoft Portable Dual Charger DC-33 is high quality Power Bank from Microsoft. The battery capacity of this power bank is a little low here at 9000mAh but its performance is as good as the other power banks mentioned here. The power bank looks like a portable hard disk and is quite compact in size.


It comes with dual USB Output ports for charging two devices simultaneously. There are LED indicators for displaying the battery charging and discharging status. As it is from big company Microsoft so it is a bit expensive than the other power banks mentioned here.

Microsoft Portable Dual Charger DC-33 Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-Ion, 9000 mAh
Output USB Ports Dual Ports, 2.1A
Features Protection Features, LED Charging Indicators
Price Rs. 1970/-

Buy Microsoft Portable Dual Charger DC-33

Lenovo Power Bank PB500 (10000 mAh)

Lenovo is a famous for making Laptops and Desktop Computer but it does makes some high quality Smartphones, Tablets and even Power Banks. Here from Lenovo we have Lenovo Power Bank PB500 that comes with 10000mAh battery. The power bank is a looker with stylish and beautiful design. It is also very lightweight and compact in size.


It comes with two USB Output ports of 2.1A and 1A for charging two devices simultaneously. LED Indicators are present on the top for displaying battery status and it also comes with protection features.

Lenovo Power Bank PB500 Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-Polymer 10000mAh
Output USB Ports Dual Ports, 1A and 2.1A
Features Protection Features, LED Indicators
Price Rs. 1800/-

Buy Lenovo Power Bank PB500

Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh

At last we have a very good and popular power bank from Huawei which is Honor Power Bank that comes with a large capacity 13000mAh battery. The Power Bank comes will all metal body design which makes it look very premium and stylish.


It comes dual output USB ports of 2A for charging two devices at once. Also it has got LED status indicators and comes with various current, voltage and other protection features. The power bank is priced very competitively and is a great product to buy for your smartphone or tablet.

Honor Power Bank Specifications
Battery Capacity Li-ion 13000mAh
Output USB Ports Dual Ports 2A, 5V
Features Various Protection Features, LED indiactors
Price Rs. 1300/-

Buy Honor Powerbank 13000mAh

Mi Power Bank 20000mAh

A very high capacity power bank from Xiaomi. This is a 20000mAh power bank that will last longer than 10000mAh power banks. Mi Power Bank 20000mAh is powered by  Panasonic / LG high density cells. It has dual USB ports and supports fast charging. The power bank is compatible with all phones and tablets. It has all the features including protection features and LED status indicators. So if you want a power bank that will last forever then go with this one.


Mi Power Bank 20000mAh
Battery Capacity 20000mAh
Output USB Ports Dual USB Ports, 5.1V/3.6A
Features Dual USB ports, LED Indicators
Price Rs. 2200/-

Buy 20000mAh Mi Power Bank

Precautions to take when using Power Banks

Here are important precautions that you must take when using a power bank for charging your Smartphone or Tablet. This is because they are made up of high capacity batteries and they get hot when charging and discharging your mobile device. In worst cases they can even explode too. So you must follow the below mentioned precautions when using a Power Bank to charge your mobile device.

Do not cover the power bank – Do not put cover on power bank and also do not cover it with anything when charging. This is because they can get very hot during charging and discharging and when you cover them then they can get ever hotter and may explode in some situations. This can cause serious damage to you and your device, so better keep this in your mind.

Keep it at a distance – If possible keep the power bank at some distance from you. Also never hold it in your hand when charging your phone. This is to prevent any kind of damage that can occur to you because of a exploding or burnt power bank.

Keep it in a cool place – Always keep the power bank in a cool place even when you are not using it.

Do not overload it – Do not overload your power bank. This means never charge you mobile device when the battery of power bank is low and also if possible use only one device at a time for charging even when it has got dual USB ports. This can also increase the battery lifespan of your power bank.

Having Confusion in Choosing One? Then Ask me

All these power banks are handpicked by me and they are really good at their job. If you still have any confusion regarding which one to buy then you can ask me by leaving a comment below clearly stating your requirements and budget.

If you want cheaper alternatives then you may opt for Ambrane Power Banks. You can read about them on the link given below.

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