Best ADSL Splitter Models for ADSL or DSL Broadband Internet

ADSL splitter is a small device that is used to separate the high frequency broadband signals from the low frequency telephone signals (POTS) that are used for voice calling. In simple words it separates the broadband internet signal from the voice signal and avoids any kind of interference between the two devices or signals. ADSL Splitter is also called ADSL filter, DSL filter, DSL Splitter, Phone Splitter, Internet Splitter or ADSL microfilter.

If you want your landline telephone and ADSL Modem to work smoothly then you have to use an ADSL Splitter. If you don’t use ADSL Splitter then you will have too much disturbance and noise when you pick up your telephone receiver and may also face frequent disconnection of broadband internet. So an ADSL Splitter is must for an ADSL or DSL broadband internet connection.

Previously I have written a detailed article on the problems faced due to ADSL Splitters and the measures to fix them. You can find that article by going to the link given below.

You can find ADSL Splitter in the market or online for as low as 40 – 50 rupees but it will do you more harm than good. This is because these cheap ADSL Splitters can cause your Internet to work slow and you may face frequent disconnections and too much noise in your telephone line. So it is very necessary to buy a good ADSL splitter which will cost you at around 200 rupees or so. Next I will tell you on how you can find a good ADSL Splitter for your ADSL broadband internet.

Cheap ADSL Splitter Disadvantages

Here are the various disadvantages of using a cheap ADSL splitter for your ADSL broadband internet and telephone:

  • Frequent Internet Disconnection
  • Reduced Internet Speed
  • Persistent Noise in Telephone Receiver
  • High Pings and delays
  • Lower life

How to a Find a Good ADSL Splitter

Here are the various ways by which you can find a good ADSL Splitter for your ADSL broadband Internet.

Model Number – Every ADSL splitter available in the market has a model number written on it. You can easily identify the quality of ADSL Splitter by simply looking at the model number. I have specified the model numbers of good quality ADSL splitters down in this post. Also I have listed the model numbers of the cheap ADSL splitters that you must avoid at any cost.


Weight – If you are shopping offline then you can get an idea about the ADSL splitter quality by its weight. A cheap ADSL Splitter has smaller or cheap components fitted in it and the splitter weighs less than 10 grams or so, whereas a good quality ADSL splitter weighs at least 25 grams. You don’t need a weighing machine to conclude this as you can get an idea about the weight of the ADSL splitter by picking it in your hand. If the ADSL splitter feels a bit heavy then it should be good and if it feels too light then avoid it and look for another one.

Brand (optional) – Branded ASDL Splitters are very hard to find especially in India but if you could do that then it is an added advantage. Good brands of ADSL Splitters are D-Link, TP-Link, Tenda etc. It must be noted that almost all ADSL Splitters are made in China.

Major Components of ADSL Splitter

The main components of ADSL splitter are Capacitors and Inductors. Inductor is just a coil of copper wire. Some ADSL filters do have couple of resistors also. Below is the circuit of good quality ADSL splitter and a cheap ADSL splitter. Here you will see the size and quantity of inductors in good quality ADSL splitter is bigger whereas in cheap and low quality ADSL splitter it is much smaller and also the circuit is minimum.

Here is what an Inductor looks like.


Note: In the first pic you will see a very small Inductor in blue. The components in the middle in the last two D-Link ADSL Splitters are Inductors which are much bigger in size.


Best & Worst ADSL Splitters for Broadband Internet

Here are some of the good and bad ADSL Splitters with their model numbers.

Good ADSL Splitter Models

Here are recommended ADSL Splitters that you can buy for your ADSL Internet. These ADSL splitters have good quality components and will keep your broadband internet signals and telephone line signals isolated.

  • DSL-30CF
  • SP-201
  • SP-202
  • SP-206
  • SP-208

DSL-30CF is the D-Link ADSL Splitter and you can see it in the image below. You can also find SP-202, SP-206 and SP-208 models in D-Link as well as in other unknown brands.


ADSL Splitter Models to Avoid

Here are the model numbers of the ADSL Splitters that you must avoid at any cost. These ADSL Splitters have low quality components and they will give you more problems than before. This is because these ADSL splitters are made of cheap and low quality components.

  • 90ZPS 2008
  • GG2003
  • GJ2003
  • HL-2003
  • PJ2003
  • SP-2008

Important Tip: ADSL splitters have a limited life and you should change your ADSL splitter in a year or two because the capacitors in these ADSL filters may lose its efficiency overtime.

Have Queries? Then Ask me

Well here I have talked about all the important things related to ADSL Splitter including their model numbers, advantages, disadvantages but if you have any doubts or queries then you can ask me by leaving a comment below.

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