ADSL Splitter Internet Problems and their Solutions

If you are having an ADSL / DSL broadband connection at home or office then you must have heard of and seen a device called ADSL / DSL splitter installed between your modem and telephone line. It looks like a small rectangular box with three RJ-11 connection ports, one for input line and two for output for Phone and ADSL Modem. Many people don’t know about the proper use of ADSL Splitter and how to resolve some of the problems that can arise due it. So here is a detailed guide on ADSL or DSL Splitter and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is an ADSL Splitter?

ADSL Splitter is a small device that is used to separate voice signals (analog signals) from data or broadband signals. If you have a DSL/ADSL broadband internet that comes from your telephone line then there is a need for you to have an ADSL/DSL Splitter. This is only in situation where you want to use your phone and broadband modem simultaneously. If you do not have an ADSL Splitter installed then there will be interference in the telephone line and you will hear hissing or noise when you pick up or use your telephone if the modem is powered ON. Also your broadband internet will also get disconnected when you use your telephone in the middle of your work.


ADSL Splitter

Advantage of Using ADSL Splitter

Here is the only advantage that you can get by using a ADSL Splitter for your ADSL Internet connection.

Use Both Devices Simultaneously

By using an ADSL Splitter you can use your telephone and broadband modem simultaneously and that too without any noise in the phone receiver and also no disconnection from internet.

Disadvantages of using ADSL Splitter

Here are some disadvantages or problems that can occur by using an ADSL Splitter.

Frequent Disconnection

If your ADSL Splitter has become old or faulty then you will experience frequent disconnection of your broadband internet that can become very frustrating for any user. ADSL Splitters are passive devices equipped with capacitors, and with passage of time the capacitors loose their charge, effectiveness and performance, so it is advisable to change your ADSL Splitter every six months or so.


Capacitors in ADSL Splitter

Reduced Internet Speed

A cheap and old ADSL Splitter can have negative impact on your broadband internet connection and can result in the reduced speed of your internet connection. In this case you have to either get a good ADSL Splitter or remove the ADSL Splitter and directly plug in your telephone line in the modem. ADSL Splitter from D-Link and TP-Link are of very good quality and offers very good performance. There are various ADSL models available in the market but the good ones are SP-208, SP-206, SP-204, SP-202 and SP-201.

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ADSL Splitter is not necessary for everyone because if you have taken a telephone line especially for the purpose of Internet and have not installed any phone to this line then you not require an ADSL Splitter, but in homes where people generally have only one phone line for both telephone and modem then it becomes necessary to use an ADSL Splitter for proper functioning of both the devices.

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