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Fix, Tips & Solutions for Smartphone Overheating Issues

Smartphones have become very advanced and faster with the addition of better hardware components and software. They can now perform large amount processing without any lags because of the

How to Find a Good Power Bank for your Smartphone & Tablet

It is a fact that the battery of Smartphones gets discharged very fast and you have to recharge them in a day or two. For people who travels a

Tips to Keep your Smartphone in Good Shape & Condition

Smartphones might have replaced the traditional mobile phones in popularity and use to a great extent but one thing they still lack is the robustness and durability of simple

Top 5 Apps to Find Hardware Details of Android Smartphone

If you want explore more about your Android Smartphone by knowing down the complete hardware details of it then you can do so by using some great system information

Moto E (2nd Generation) Vs Moto E (1st Gen) Comparison

Moto E was the most successful branded budget Android SmartPhone from Motorola. It was the phone that lifted the hopes of Motorola in the Smartphones segment. Moto E was

Important Battery Charging Tips for your Smartphone

Charging the battery of your Smartphone is a very simple thing to do but you should know that there is a good difference between casual charging and proper charging

Is it Always Necessary to Update your Android Phone Firmware

It is always recommended by the Android Smartphone manufacturers and some phone experts to update your phone firmware / software or OS to the latest version whenever released, but

Why to Avoid Smartphones from Chinese or Local Brands?

Smartphones, especially the Android ones have become very cheap nowadays. This because of the advancement in technology, demand and the entry of various Chinese and Local brands in the
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