Why you Should Not Upgrade to Windows 10 for Now

As you know that Microsoft is giving free upgrade to their new Windows 10 operating system for Windows 7 and Window 8 users. This is primarily because they want to promote their new OS by showcasing its features, performance and improvements. Because it is free therefore many users have already upgraded their current Windows OS to Windows 10. Some had good experience with the upgrade and some users have messed up their PC and they also did not like the new OS.


Why Upgrading to Windows 10 may not be a good Idea

Here are the some of the valid reasons for not to upgrade to windows 10 as of now.

Driver Issues

You may face driver issues as Windows 10 is a new operating system and it may be possible that your current set of drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 8 may not work with Windows 10. And if there are no drivers available for Windows 10 on the internet for your devices then you may get into more trouble and you have to format and clean install your previous Windows operating system.

Hardware Limitations

If you have older hardware then it may not function properly with Windows 10 as they may not be designed to support Windows 10 OS. So if you want to upgrade to Windows 10 then you should have the latest hardware configuration otherwise it might create problems for you.

Learning Curve for New Interface

Windows 10 has a new look and User Interface (UI) so you have to get accustom to their new design & interface. This may take time and some of you may or may not like the new interface and design. So first get used to its interface at your friend’s or relative computer who have Windows 10 installed and if you like the new interface then only go for the upgrade.

Slow Performance

It may be possible that your computer (PC or laptop) will run slow after installing Windows 10. This could be due lower hardware configuration, hardware support, compatibility or some other unknown reasons.

How to Make your Computer Faster

Unknown Bugs & Issues

Windows 10 is a new operating system and it is still in its early stages. We do not know what bugs and problems it has and for this you don’t want be a part of it. We may say that it is still in its beta stages until all its major bugs and issues gets exposed and gets fixed.

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Not Easy to Roll back

It is easier to upgrade to Windows 10 but it is much harder to roll back to your previous Windows version. This is because there is no downgrade option available for that and you will have to format your root drive and reinstall your previous Windows version which will take lot of your time and effort.

Data Loss Risk

If anything wrong happens during the upgrade process and you haven’t backed up your data present on your root drive then you may lose it and the only option left will be to format and clean install your previous Windows operating system.

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