Tips to Protect Smartphone Screen from Scratches & Damage

Touchscreen is one of the most important and essential parts of your Smartphone. It is the only unit by which you can interact with your smartphone. It is very expensive to replace a smartphone’s original touchscreen, so you must take care of your smartphone’s screen at any cost. Here I will share some tips on how you can protect your smartphone’s touchscreen from getting scratched or damaged.


Tips to keep your Touch Screen away from Scratches & Damage

Here are some very important tips that can help to keep your smartphone’s screen free from scratches and damage.

Never keep your Phone upside down

Never keep your phone upside down i.e. the screen is resting on the surface. Always keep your phone on its back side / battery side to avoid any minor scratches on its touchscreen. Also avoid putting anything on your smatphone’s screen.

Do not put sharp objects in phone’s pocket

Do not put things like keys, metal or sharp objects in your pocket where you keep your smartphone. Always put you smarpthone in your trouser’s pocket and reserve one pocket for your smartphone and handkerchief only. Never put your smartphone in your shirt’s top pocket because there it has many chances of being dropped thus damaging your smartphone and its touchscreen.

Use Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Use good quality Tempered Glass Screen Protectors as they can protect your smartphone screen from greater damages besides protecting it from scratches. You can also use tempered glass screen protectors even on smartphones that comes with Gorilla glass or Dragontrail glass. This will give your smartphone screen extra strength and rigidity.

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Clean Touchscreen Regularly

Clean your smartphone screen with a damp soft cotton cloth regularly. Do not clean it with dry cloth as it can result in minor scratches because of the already present dust on your smartphone’s touchscreen. Just use some clean tap water to damp the cloth and never use any chemicals or other solutions to clean your smartphone screen.

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Do not use dirty hands

Avoid using dirty hands on your smartphone’s screen. If your hands get dirty then wash them and then use it on your phone’s touchscreen.

Replace Screen Protector when damaged

Replace your tempered glass screen protector immediately whenever it gets damaged to protect your smartphone screen from any future damages.

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