Guide & Tips on Upgrading your Graphics Card to a Better One

Graphics card may not be an important thing for a normal or average user but it is a necessity and must have component for gamers and high end PC users who runs heavy graphics intensive applications for their work and play latest demanding games.

Graphics-Card-UpgradeLatest and modern games requires more horsepower to run and if you have an older card sitting on your PC then you might need to upgrade it if you want to enjoy latest modern and demanding games at playable frame rates. So here I will guide you on how to upgrade your old graphics card to a newer one.

Know your Budget & Requirements

First thing is to know your budget and gaming requirements. Budget and requirements are interrelated to each other because if your requirements go high then your budget will increase as you would require a more powerful graphics card. So the first step is to fix your budget and then get the best graphics card accordingly. There are many varieties of graphics cards available based on their price, ranging from low end, budget level, mainstream range, mid-range, mid-higher range to high end or top of the line graphics cards.

How to Find a Good Graphics Card in your Budget

Sell your Old Graphics Card

Next step is to sell your old graphics card so that you can use that money to extend your budget and get a good graphics card. You can sell your graphics card online on classified sites like OLX, Quikr etc. or offline if you are getting a good deal on it.

Find Best Graphics Card Model / GPU in Budget

Now you can search on the internet for the best graphics card model or GPU available in your budget. The graphics card that you will be getting should be more powerful than your previous graphics card otherwise you will be wasting your money. In Nvidia you can find greater range of graphics card or GPU for every budget as compared to AMD / ATI. If you are still unsure then you can ask me specifying your budget by leaving a comment below.

Get the Best Deal

There are many companies like Zotac, Asus, Gainward, XFX etc. that manufactures graphics cards and offers the same graphics card model in different price range. So here try to get the card from the company that is offering the lowest price keeping the same configuration intact compared to others i.e. Memory Type (GDDR5, GDDR3 etc.), Memory Size etc. You can also buy graphics card online from trusted and reliable eCommerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc. This is because the price of graphics card that you will find online is generally much lower to the ones available in a local computer store or shop.

Buy Graphics Cards Online at Great Discounts

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