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Tips to Make Firefox Faster, Safer & Less Resource Hungry

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and highly used internet browsers in the world. It is also a very feature rich and one of the fastest browser

Tweak your Router, Modem & OS Settings for Better Internet

Slow and laggy Internet is the most common problem faced by many broadband users all round the world. Broadband Internet connection is generally provided through DSL / ADSL Modems

Huawei Power-Fi E8221 Wi-Fi Dongle Review & Specifications

USB Internet Dongles or Data Cards have become very popular and now you can find the various unlocked ones in the market, and you can use any mobile service

KnownHost Managed VPS Hosting Review & Features

A VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is a type of web hosting in which you are given dedicated resources (CPU, RAM, Hard disk etc.) for your websites. In

How to Find a Good WordPress Theme for your Blog?

When you start your WordPress blog then the first thing that you look for is a good theme. A theme is the most important part of your WordPress blog

Top Reasons on Why is better than Flipkart

Flipkart has been dominating the Indian E-commerce market for some time but now the tables have turned with the rise of Amazon in India. Amazon as we all know

MyThemeShop Coupon Code 50% OFF & Detailed Review

MyThemeShop is a reputed company that makes some of the best affordable high quality Premium WordPress Themes. It has very good collection of premium WordPress themes for every type

How to Keep your Computer Safe from Viruses or Malwares

Getting infected by a virus or malware is one of the most terrible things that can happen to your computer. It is very difficult for even an antivirus to
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