Why you should buy Smartphone with Gorilla Glass only?

Gorilla Glass is a very hard glass that is very difficult to scratch or damage. It is a product of corning, a well known glass manufacturing American company in the world. It is literally scratch proof and very difficult to break. It is used is smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. But the durability of gorilla glass comes with a price because devices equipped with gorilla glass protection tends to be little more expensive than its counterparts.

Why Gorilla Glass is so Tough?


Why you should consider a Smartphone with Gorilla Glass Protection

Here are some top reasons on why should always get a Smartphone equipped with Gorilla Glass protection.

Doesn’t get Scratched Easily

It is very hard to scratch gorilla glass because of its toughness or hardness. Some tests show that even if you take a knife and try to scratch the glass surface then also it will be not get scratched.

Clearer looking Screen

As you do not have to put any screen protector on the screen of your phone, you will always get a clear looking screen because screen protector or screen guards get scratched very easily thus reducing the visibility and clarity of your smartphone screen.

Damage & Shatter Proof

Gorilla Glass does not break easily even if you drop your phone from a fair height thus protecting your smartphone from any accidental shocks or damages.

Nowadays a new type of glass known as Dragontrail glass has been launched in the market by the Japanese which is competitor of the Gorilla Glass. Some experts say that it is even better than the gorilla glass both in terms of form factor (thinness) and hardness, but it is relatively a new product and is available on handful of smartphones.

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