List of Samsung Android Phones with Gorilla Glass Protection

Corning Gorilla glass is a very tough glass that is very difficult to scratch. We can also say that it is almost scratch resistant. It is a product of Corning, a glass manufacturer from America. It is used on some of the mid – high range smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. As it is more expensive than the normal glass therefore it is mostly used in high end or expensive products only. Nowadays Samsung is the leader in the Smartphones segment especially in android based smart-phones. It is always better to buy an android smart-phone equipped with Gorilla Glass Screen as it does not gets scratched easily and you do not have to worry about your phone screen getting damaged. But there are not many phones that come with this kind of protection because of the expensive nature of the Gorilla glass. Here is the list of Samsung Android Phones with Gorilla Glass Protection.

Gorilla Glass Android Phones from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy 5

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung Galaxy mini 2

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S III

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