Useful Tips to Keep your Laptop in Good Condition

Laptop is not a cheap device and you should take proper care of it if you want it to last longer. I have seen that many users use their laptops very roughly and carelessly thus making their condition very poor. This leads to damage to their laptops both internally & externally and then they have to buy another one. But if you follow my below mentioned advice then you can make your Laptop to look brand new, both from inside (in terms of components) and from outside (body).


One other advantage of keeping your laptop in good condition is that you can get very good resale value of it. So when you sell your laptop afterwards to get an upgrade with latest configuration then you will get good amount of money for it.

Tips to Keep your Laptop in Good Condition

Here are some very important tips that you must follow to keep your laptop in good shape and extend its overall life.

Use Cooling Pad

Always use a good laptop cooling pad or laptop cooler, especially when using the laptop for long duration. This will allow good airflow and prevents heating of major components of laptop, which includes processor, motherboard, hard disk and graphics card. Here below is a guide on how to find a good cooling pad for your laptop.

Guide on Finding a Good Laptop Cooler

Run on AC Mains Power

When possible use the AC mains power and avoid running the laptop on battery. This will enhance the battery life of your laptop and you will get more battery backup out of it.

Switch Off when not in Use

Always switch off the laptop when you are not using it. Some people have bad habit of not turning off their laptop and they just shut the lid down, and some keeps the laptop in hibernation mode which is also not advisable. Turning off the laptop allow the components to rest and it can enhance their running life to decent level.

Use External Keyboard and Mouse

Using an external keyboard and mouse with laptop has two main advantages:

1 . It keeps the touchpad & laptop keyboard new. This is because touchpad and keyboard paint generally fades away when you are always using them, and sometimes they may also get damaged as they are not as robust as external mouse and keyboard. It has also been seen that laptops keyboard key / letter markings generally disappear with time on heavy usage. For better comfort and portability you can use Wireless keyboard and mouse for laptop as it avoids the hassle of wires which can be very irritating.

2. You will feel more comfortable when using an external keyboard and mouse as you will be typing on a regular sized keyboard and operating a regular sized mouse. It is comparatively much harder to type on laptop keyboard and use touchpad for cursor movements. This is because of the small size of laptop keys and fatigue in fingers when using touchpad.

Clean it Regularly

Always clean your laptop and keep it away from dust. To clean the body and screen of your laptop use a slightly damp cloth and then clean the laptop with it.

Must have Tools for Cleaning your PC and Laptop

Final Words

So if you follow these useful tips then you can surely extend the life of your laptop and make it looks as new as it was. Also when you sell it then you will get good resale value for it.

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