Best Dual USB OTG Pendrives for Smartphones

OTG or On-The-Go is a specification or feature that is used to connect USB devices directly to your mobile devices that include smartphones, tablets etc. You can connect and use your USB mouse, keyboard or USB storage devices to your smartphone on-the-fly if it supports OTG. You don’t need a computer or any third party device for this.

OTG is very useful in transferring data to from the USB pen drive because you can do it anywhere without the need of any additional hardware. There are now special pendrives available in the market for OTG and they are known as OTG pendrives. Here in this post I will tell you about the OTP pendrive and list down the best OTG pen drives that you can buy in India.

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How to Detect if your Smartphone supports OTG?

Not all smartphones support OTG (On-The-Go) functionality. If you want to know that whether your Android Smartphone or Tablet supports OTG or not then you can do so by using some OTG detection apps on your android smartphone. One such good app is OTG? which checks whether OTG is supported on your device or not. It does not makes changes to your files on your phone. Also you will not need root access to install and use this OTG app.


What is an OTG Pendrive?

A Dual USB OTG Pendrive is a special kind of pendrive that has micro-USB connector at one end and a normal USB connector at the other.  OTG pendrive is also known as hybrid pendrive because it can be used directly on smartphone and computer without the use of any cable or additional device. You can plugin the micro USB port of the pendrive to your smartphone and then can easily transfer data from pendrive to smartphone or vice versa. You can also insert the normal USB port to your computer and then transfer your data to or from your computer.

Best OTG Pendrives for Smartphones to Buy in India

Here are the best dual USB hybrid OTG pendrives that you can buy for your smartphone in India.

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0

SanDisk is one of the biggest manufacturers of pen drives in the world. It also manufactures cards, readers, ssd, mp3 players, usb flash drives. SanDisk is very popular and famous when it comes to pen drives and their pendrives are of really top quality. Here from SanDisk we have SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 Pendrive that can be directly used with your Android Smartphone and Computer. This hybrid OTG pendrive has USB 3.0 connector at one end and a micro-USB connector at the other. The retractable slider present in the middle of this OTG pendrive makes the USB 3.0 port and micro-USB port IN and OUT of the pendrive one at a time. The USB 3.0 port supports speeds to up to 150 MB/s. Despite having two USB ports this OTG pendrive is very compact and you can carry it anywhere with you.


This OTG pendrive from SanDisk is available in different sizes from 16GB to 128GB. This pendrive is compatible with all OTG enabled Android Phones and Tablets. This plug and play OTG pendrive gets detected instantly when you plug it in on your OTG supported Android Mobile Phone or Tablet. You can also download the SanDisk Memory Zone App to manage or browse files on your android smartphone or tablet.

You can buy this OTG Pendrive from the link given below for 16GB/32GB/64GB storage capacities.

Buy SanDisk Ultra Dual USB OTG Pen Drive

Strontium Nitro Plus OTG USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Strontium is a very reputed company from Singapore that makes memory, flash drives and memory cards. Here from Strontium we have Strontium Nitro Plus On-the-Go (OTG) USB 3.0 Flash Drive that can be used directly with PC, Laptop and your Smartphone.


It has one USB 3.0 high speed connector at one end and a micro-USB 2.0 connector at the other for plugging it in your android smartphone. It is available in capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB. You can buy this high quality OTG pendrive in 16GB / 32GB / 64GB capacities from the link given below.

Buy Strontium Nitro Plus OTG USB 3.0 Pen Drive

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3.0 Pendrive

Kingston as we all know is a well known brand and leader in manufacturing Memory and Flash Drives. Here from Kingston we have Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3.0 which is a dual USB Hybrid OTG pendrive and it can be used directly with your smartphone and computer i.e. laptop, pc. It has one USB 3.0 connector and one micro-USB connector at opposite ends. This OTG pendrive is quite compact in size and it is compatible with all OTG supported smartphones and tablets.


This OTG pendrive from Kingston is available in capacities of 16GB / 32GB and 64GB. You can buy the 16GB and 32GB variant of this OTG pendrive from the link given below.

Buy Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3.0 Pendrive (16GB)

Buy Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3.0 Pendrive (32GB)

Transcend JetFlash 340 Pen Drive

Transcend is also one of the best companies for making flash drives and memory for PC and Laptops. Here from Transcend we have Transcend JetFlash 340 Pen Drive that has USB 2.0 connector at one end and a micro-USB at the other. Unlike other pendrives here this one supports USB 2.0 speeds and the pendrive is relatively bigger in size. This OTG pen drive has one cap at the micro-USB connector end and the normal USB connector is left as it is.


This OTG pendrive from Transcend is compatible with all OTG (On-the-Go) Smartphones. You can also download its Android Transcend Elite App which can be used to explore and manage files on your smartphone and pendrive. This OTG pendrive comes in capacities of 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB and you buy it at an amazing price from the link given below.

Buy Transcend JetFlash 340 Pen Drive

Final Words

Well I have listed down some of the best Hybrid dual USB OTG Pen Drives available in the market. If you have any questions or doubts regarding OTG pendrive then you can ask me by leaving a comment below.

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