How to Keep your Laptop Temperature low

Laptops can heat up quickly because of their compact size and lack proper airflow between the components. Laptop overheating is common and you should be able to take the necessary measures to keep the the laptop temperature down to normal level. So here are some useful tips to on how to keep your laptop cool.

How to Check Laptop Temperature

You can easily check laptop temerature from tools like HWMonitor. There are two main things to check are Laptop CPU Temperature and Hard Disk Temperature. You should try to keep the temperature of both the components to normal level to prevent any damage to your laptop. You can also monitor laptop temperature by running HWMonitor in the background. Normal temperature for Laptop is around 50 – 65 degree Celsius for CPU and around 40 – 50 degrees for Hard Disk.

Here is Complete Guide on Checking and Monitoring your Laptop Temperature

Tips to Reduce Laptop Temperature

  1. Always keep the laptop on a hard plain surface like table or floor. Do not keep the laptop on bed or any soft and irregular surface.
  2. Use laptop cooler / cooling pads. Laptop coolers have fans that increase the airflow between the components.
  3. Using Task manager to terminate the unnecessary applications that have high CPU usage.
  4. Shutdown your laptop when not in use for long time, do not put it on hibernate or standby mode.
  5. Always use laptop in a open area, do not put it in any closed boundaries while working.

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