How to Free Internal Memory of your Android Phone

Internal memory is an essential part of your phone because the Android OS needs it and all your important and inbuilt apps are installed on the internal memory only. Internal memory refers to the inbuilt storage space that comes with your phone. You cannot expand your internal memory of your phone so it has to be used wisely. Some phones come with less internal storage and some comes with high internal storage. The problem generally occurs with the phones that have less internal storage capacity and if almost all the internal memory gets used up then you may experience problems that are being mentioned below.

Problems caused by Low Internal Memory

Here are the major problems that are caused by low or insufficient internal memory in your android smartphone or tablet.

Reduced Performance

Your Android Smartphone will run slow and its performance may be reduced if all of your internal memory gets used up. This is because your Android Operating System needs some space for its proper working and smooth functioning.

Hanging & Freezing Issues

Your phone may hang or freezes sometimes in the middle of your work because of low internal memory. This is a very annoying problem for anyone and the only way to fix is to free up some internal memory of your phone.

No Room for Some Apps

Some apps installs only on your phone internal memory and also they cannot be moved to SD card storage. So it is very necessary that you have some internal storage space left to install those needed apps.

Tips to Free Up your Android Phone Internal Memory

Here are the top recommended ways to free up the internal storage memory of your android device whether it is a smartphone or a tablet.

Move Files to SD Card

The first thing you can do is to move all your data, audio, video and image files to the SD card storage. Also you can configure your camera settings and other apps settings to store their files on SD card by default.

Move Apps to SD Card

Next thing you can do is to move all your apps to the SD card storage. You can do this by going to settings->apps->select the app you want to move and then select the option Move to SD card to move the app on your SD card memory. There are some apps that cannot be moved to the SD card so you cannot do anything in this case and you have to just leave them on the internal storage only if you need them. You can also use app2sd apps to view and remove apps from internal memory to SD card.


Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Uninstall the apps that you do not use from the internal memory of our android smartphone.

Uninstall Updates

You can remove and uninstall the updates of some of your apps if you do not need it. This can clear some of the internal memory of your phone. You can do this by going to the settings->apps->select the app and then click on Uninstall updates.


Remove Log files

Time to time log files are generated by some apps and the phone OS and they can add up to a huge size. This will consume lot of your phone internal memory so you can remove them to free up some space. You can find the location of the log files or log folder using the inbuilt file explorer or any good file explorer app like ES File Explorer File Manager. After finding the location of the log files you can safely delete it. Sometimes there is a secret code for some phones to reveal the location of log files that are hidden. So you have to check this thing out according to your phone manufacturer and model.

Download ES File Explorer File Manager

Delete Cache

Delete the cache files of some of the apps to free up some internal phone memory. You can do this by going to System settings->Apps->Select the App->Clear data & Clear cache. This can temporary clear up some space for you but it will build up again when you use that app. So this is not a proper solution but just a workaround. There is another way to remove bulk cache data by going to System settings->Storage->Cached data and then click on Ok to clear up the cached data of all apps.



Uninstall Factory Installed Apps

Uninstall the useless factory installed apps that comes inbuilt with your android phone. These apps cannot be uninstalled normally and you have to Root your phone to uninstall them completely from your phone. Rooting will void warranty of your phone so I recommend doing this only when your phone warranty expires.

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