Dual SIM Vs Single SIM Smartphones Comparison

Dual SIM Smartphones are getting more and more popular these days. For sometime dual SIM Smartphones are limited to only lesser known brands or companies. But now even the big companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola etc. have come up with some very good Dual SIM Smartphones in the market.


People were initially afraid of buying dual SIM Smartphones because these phones were new and also their software (operating system) was not tested extensively and was buggy most of the time. So they don’t know whether these dual sim smartphones will be going to be successful in the future or not. But with advancement of technology, dual SIM Smartphones have become better and are now they are as good as Single SIM Smartphone both in terms of reliability and performance. Here are the top advantages and some disadvantages (depends on the phone) of Dual SIM Smartphones.

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Advantages of Dual SIM Smartphones

Here are the benefits of using a dual SIM Smartphone over a single SIM Smartphone.

Power of Two in One

With Dual SIM Smartphone you can have the power of two SIMs in one phone. It means you can get benefit of different network providers in one phone i.e. if one network provider has cheap call rates or voice plans and the other has excellent data plan with great speed and connectivity.


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Cost Effective

It is much cheaper to buy one good Smartphone with dual SIM functionality rather than buying two separate phones for the same purpose.


It is easier to carry and manage one Dual SIM Smartphone rather than carrying two separate single SIM phones.

Wider Network Connectivity or Range

If you are facing network problems from one of your mobile service provider then you can easily switch to another SIM card of different mobile service provider and then you can make and receive calls. This comes in very handy as different network service providers have their own geographical areas of signal strength in different parts of the city. This is because some may more mobile towers or antennas in that area and others might have fewer in that particular area.

Some Disadvantages of Dual SIM Smartphones

Now comes some of the disadvantages that you may face while using a Dual SIM Smartphone.

Battery Drainer

Dual SIM Smartphones are battery drainers because in practice they are basically two phones but with a single battery. So to avoid this issue you must get a dual SIM Smartphone with a bigger battery of 2500 mAh or more.

OS Software Issues

Sometimes you may face OS software issues as sometimes the original operating system software is modified to work with dual SIMs. For example Android was originally built for single SIM Smartphones but later on Android developers modified it or added extra code and functionality to work it for Dual SIM Smartphones.

Lagging or Performance Issues

You Smartphone may lag sometimes as dual SIM Smartphones requires extra resources and processing power as compared to a single SIM Smartphone having exactly the same hardware. This is because each separate SIM draws some of the resources and power from the phone.

Final Words

In the end I would say that dual SIM Smartphones have come a long way and they have now become very much stable and efficient as with the single SIM Smartphones. Also it is also wiser and smarter to buy one Dual SIM Smartphone instead of going for two separate single SIM Smartphones. So in the last I can assure you that you can safely go for Dual SIM Smartphones but make sure that it is from the well known brands only that I have mentioned above in this post.

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