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Complete Guide on Finding a Laptop for Gaming

A gaming laptop is a powerful portable computer that is mainly used to play latest and high end demanding games. It has more advanced specifications and is more powerful

Nvidia Geforce GT 730 & GT 740 Budget Graphics Cards

If you are on budget but want to play and enjoy all the latest games at decent graphics options and resolution without any lag, then Nvidia has come up

How to Upgrade your Old Gaming PC for Latest Games

Latest big games requires huge amount of resources and latest hardware configuration to run smoothly on your PC. This means gamers who have old hardware have to update some

What kind of Graphics Card should you buy for your PC

Graphics card is an essential component for your PC. Some people don’t buy it because they are ok with the onboard graphics that comes with your motherboard. But I

AMD vs. NVIDIA Graphics Card – Which is Better for Gaming?

When it comes to Graphics Cards, then the two names that will strike your mind will be Nvidia and AMD. Both these companies are the largest manufacturer of graphics

Graphics Card Components Explained in Detail

Graphics Card may not be the essential component for an average or normal user but it is the most important component for high end gamers and people who run

How to Increase FPS in Games for PC – Detailed Guide

If you are pc gamer then you must want that your games should run smoothly without any lags or halting. You can experience the lagging in games because of

Best Mid Range Graphics Cards for Gaming 2014

Earlier I have talked about some good low budget graphics cards and now in this post I will be mentioning some of the best mid range graphics card for
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