What makes Moto G the Best Budget Android Smartphone?

Android Smatphones are becoming more and more popular every day. The Prices of Android based smart-phones have come down tremendously and you can find an Android based Smartphone for as low as or $60 or 4k rupees in the market. Many new companies like micromax, karbonn, xolo etc. are now offering android smartphones at very low prices. Their android handsets are pretty ok for the price they are offering but if you really want a good android smartphone for mid-range budget (12k – 14k) then the best bet would be Moto G from Motorola.

Moto G is the latest Andorid Smartphone from Motorola. It is available in India for Rs. 12.5k (for 8 GB version) and Rs. 14k (for 16 GB variant).


Moto G

Some Important Features that makes Moto G the Best Budget Android Smartphone

Quad Core Processor 

Generally most of the smarthphones in this price range have dual-core processors but Moto G is an exception and it is equipped with Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor that is much faster than a dual core processor.

Enough RAM

Moto G comes with 1 GB of RAM which is sufficient enough for most of the applications running in your smartphones and it also prevents the phone from lagging.

IPS Display

Moto G uses IPS (in-plane switching) display technology which is the same display technology that is used in iPhones. IPS display screen has better color reproduction and clarity as compared to other display technologies.

Gorilla Glass Protection

The display screen in Moto G is protected by the Gorilla Glass which is a very tough and scratch resistant glass. Therefore you don’t have to worry about your screen getting scratched and also you don’t have to put on those cheap plastic screen guard protectors that makes your display screen and touch a tad odd. Moto G comes with Gorilla Glass 3 which is the latest Gorilla Glass version from Corning.

Click here to know more about Gorilla Glass

Longer Battery Life 

Moto G has relatively bigger Battery than its counterparts. It is equipped with Li-Ion 2070 mAh battery which is enough to keep your android smartphone running for more than a day even if your perform resource intensive tasks such as Wi-Fi, watching video etc. But one disadvantage for Moto G battery is that it is non-removable.

Build Quality & Brand

The build quality of Moto G is far better than the other phone in this price category. Also Motorola is a well known brand or company and you do not have to worry the warrant and after sale services.

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