TVS E-Bharat Gold USB Mechanical Keyboard Review

TVS E-Bharat Gold keyboard is a mechanical keyboard from TVS Electronics, an Indian company, a part of TVS Group. TVS Mechanical Keyboard is very popular in India and is used by  businesses where heavy typing is required. This keyboard now comes with USB connectivity which was not there in its previous versions.

What are Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards uses physical switches under each key cap unlike membrane keyboards that uses rubber domes sitting on a plastic membrane. Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than their membrane counterparts. They are also louder in operation but are more robust. They last for up to 50 million keystrokes as compared to membrane keyboards that have their life of only 15 million keystrokes. I have also seen many TVS mechanical keyboards lasting for more than 10 years or longer.


TVS E-Bharat Gold Mechanical Keyboard

A Word about TVS E-Bharat Gold Mechanical Keyboard

TVS E-Bharat Gold is the first keyboard in India to have new rupee font. To install this font you have to download a small installer package from the manufacturer’s website. It uses Cherry MX Blue switches that are known for their loud tactile feedback. The characters on this keyboard are laser etched and lasts for years and years; they do not fade away that easily.

Build Quality of TVS Gold Mechanical Keyboard

Construction and build quality of keyboard is rock solid and it can take any damage easily. The keyboard is built like a tank. It comes with USB connectivity so it is easy to plug and play. If you are a power user and spends more time in typing then you should switch to this keyboard for comfort and faster typing speeds.I again say that this is the must have keyboard for serious typists. One thing you should also keep in mind that this keyboard is not water/spill proof so keep the liquids away from it.

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Price of TVS USB Mechanical Keyboard

TVS Gold USB Keyboard is priced at around 1800 Rs and you can find it on ebay and amazon as it is relatively harder to find in regular computer shops than normal keyboards.

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