Top Symptoms of Faulty RAM in your PC & Laptop

RAM or Memory is one of the most important components of your Computer. Without it you computer won’t start and if the RAM has gone corrupt then you may various problems, which I will discuss next in this article. The problems faced by having a faulty RAM are very annoying and it can cause loss of work and time. So it is very necessary to replace the faulty RAM if you want no more trouble from your computer.


Top Symptoms of having a Faulty RAM in your Computer

Here are the top problems that you can face if you have a faulty RAM module installed in your system.

Random Freezing

You computer will hang or freeze randomly and you have to restart your computer to fix the freezing. This can be very annoying and it is one of the top symptoms of having a bad RAM module in your computer.

Frequent Restarts

Your computer can restart randomly in the middle of your work. This can be very frustrating and it is also one of the major symptoms of having bad memory in your computer.

Computer Fails to Start

It may be possible that your PC or Laptop may fails to start when your press the power ON button of your computer. Here to start your computer again you have to remove and replace the faulty RAM stick.

Applications / Programs Crashing

It may happen that your programs, applications or games can crash in the middle. The crashing may also be followed by a freeze or restart.

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

You can face Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with memory dump error. BSOD may occur in both the conditions i.e. when your computer is sitting idle or when you are running any application.

How to Test and Identify Faulty RAM Module

If your computer has only one RAM stick or module then you can easily identify it. But when you have multiple RAM modules installed then you can check the faulty RAM by plugging in the RAM module one by one and testing each one of them individually. The faulty RAM module will likely to cause one or more problems mentioned above. So identify those faulty RAM modules and get them replaced.

If you are an advanced user then you can test your RAM by using a very well known memory diagnostic tool which is Memtest86 from PassMark. It boots from a bootable CD or USB flash drive for its operation.


You can download and learn how to use this tool from the link given below:

Download Memtest86

How to Fix Faulty RAM

There is no way to fix or repair the faulty RAM and even if it is then also I would not advise it either. It should only be replaced by a newer one. If the RAM is under warranty then you will get the replacement for free but if it is not then you have to buy a new one for your computer.

Best Brands for RAM to Buy

If you want reliability and performance from your RAM / Memory then I would advise you buy good quality branded RAM and avoid local and inferior quality RAM modules that are available in loose packing.

Always Buy Branded RAM from the Companies mentioned below. You should note that always buy RAM in their original sealed OEM packing and never but it loose.





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