Top Reasons to Buy an Assembled PC over Branded One

There are two ways in which you can a get yourself a PC or Personal Computer. First is to buy the whole package directly from the company, which is known as Branded PC and second is to buy the different parts and assemble it yourself or from the vendor.


There are different companies that sells branded PC’s. Some of the popular and topmost companies are Dell, HP, HCL, Wipro, Zenith etc. Branded PCs are good for a company with big offices as there you want computers in bulk and with same configuration and components. For home or personal usage I recommend that you should always assemble your PC because of the following reasons or advantages that are mentioned below.

Advantages of Assembled PC over Branded PC

Here are the advantages of buying an assembled computer.

Freedom to Choose Components

In Assembled PC you have the freedom to choose the hardware components that includes CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Hard Disk, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, SMPS etc. according to your needs, whereas in branded computer the configuration is fixed or chosen by the company and you have to deal with that only.

Cost Effective & Cheaper

Branded PCs are more expensive than an assembled computer. If we compare a branded computer with an assembled computer with same configuration having same components then you will find that the price of branded pc is much more than an assembled pc. This is because of the brand name associated with that computer and also they provide warranty on the entire computer.


In Branded PC you cannot alter the configuration of you computer during the warranty period i.e. change, remove or add any component as it can lead to violation in the warranty but in Assembled PC there is no such restriction and you are free to add, remove or upgrade any component according to your needs or requirements.

Room for Future Expansion

With an assembled computer you can choose your components in such a way, so that there can be some room for expansion in the future. For example you can get a latest high-end motherboard, so that you can upgrade to a better processor and graphics card in the future.


In Branded PC, the company gives warranty on the entire computer as whole i.e. 5 years on entire pc for all components whereas in assembled computer the warranty is provided by the vendor on individual components which is different for each component i.e. processor can have warranty of 2 years, hard disk for 5 years and so on. This is not a major issue but branded computers might have some edge on the warranty issue.

Some Good Brands of Hardware Components when Assembling a PC

Here are some good brands or companies of various hardware components that can be helpful for you in choosing components when you have to buy an Assembled PC.

Processor/CPU – Intel, AMD

Motherboard – ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, Intel

RAM – Corsair, Transcend, Kingston, AData, G.Skill

Hard Disk – Seagate, Western Digital (WD)

Optical Drive – Liteon, LG, Sony, Asus

Monitor/LCD – Samsung, LG

Graphics Card – Nvidia, AMD/ATI

SMPS – Corsair, Antec, Cooler Master, Seasonic

Keyboard & Mouse – Logitech, Microsoft

Cabinet – Depends on your preference or choice, but get a spacious cabinet that has enough room for all the components and have proper airflow. For high quality cabinets you can go for Antec and Cooler Master.

Speakers – Logitech, Altec Lansing, Creative

UPS – Luminous, APC, Microtek, Numeric

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