Tips on Finding a Good Mouse and Keyboard for Gaming

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard cost a lot as compared to the regular ones, and everybody cannot afford them. Some gaming mouse and keyboard can cost as much as a good mid-range graphics card, that is completely insane, but here is I will tell you on how to find a good normal or basic mouse and keyboard for your gaming needs.


It is also obvious that you will not be able to enjoy gaming without a good mouse and keyboard, as they are the weapons or controller in your games, so here are some tips on finding a good basis mouse and keyboard that can also serve you good in gaming.

Tips for Mouse for Gaming

Some important points to keep in mind when you are getting a mouse for gaming.

Comfortable & Perfect Design

The mouse should feel comfortable and has a good grip in your hand. It should not too big or too small but should be perfect for hands.

High DPI or Resolution

A Mouse should have high resolution or sensitivity. It is measured in DPI (Dots per inch). Higher DPI means higher precision and accuracy in gaming. You can also customize the DPI settings, either in windows operating system or in the game settings. A mouse with 1000 or higher DPI is great way to start with.


I recommend that you use a wired optical mouse for gaming as you may face lagging issues on a wireless mouse while playing games. Also if possible try to get a PS/2 mouse rather than USB, because you may experience some delays and lags in USB mouse, because USB Bus can sometimes be very busy as it is used by many other USB enabled devices too. On the other hand there are no restrictions on PS/2 bus and it is dedicated for the particular device it is intended to i.e. the mouse and keyboard.


PS2 Ports – Green for Mouse and Purple for Keyboard


PS2 Connectors for Mouse and Keyboard

Brand or Company

Don’t go for cheap and local brands and get a mouse from good brands like Logitech, Microsoft, HP, Dell etc.

Tips for Keyboard for Gaming

Some important points to keep in mind when you are getting a keyboard for gaming.

Standard Size

Get yourself a full sized standard keyboard with all keys in the standard positions. Compact and small sized keyboards are not comfortable for gaming, so avoid them. There is also no need for multimedia keys in gaming, so if you don’t have them then don’t worry about them.


Full Sized Standard Keyboard

Soft Keys

Keyboards keys should be soft and not too rigid. If possible get a keyboard with low profile keys because you can move your fingers faster in keyboard with low profile keys design. Low profile keys are smaller in height than the standard keys and take comparatively lesser time to be pressed. It is also easy on your fingers so that they cannot feel fatigue.


You keyboard should be wired to avoid undue lagging in games. Also try to get a Keyboard with PS/2 interface rather than USB. The reason here is the same that I have given for the mouse.

Brand / Company

Go for good brands like Logitech, Microsoft, HP, TVSE etc.

If you follow these tips then you can get a decent mouse and keyboard for gaming under Rs. 1500/-

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